The Six Movie Frames.

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  1. Georgek

    Georgek George

    This is gonna be a big post, so I hope to break it down in sections.

    It refers back to the year 1965-1966 and has been one of my major breakthroughs in UFO history.
    This follows my earlier UFO encounter in my back garden on the 11th August 1965. I even remember the night temperature and clear sky.

    It was back at that time when I got a movie camera for my birthday. It was a cheap cast iron thing taking 8mm film.
    Back in those days, film was expensive and lasted for about 15 minutes. Being a kid of 14-15 years, pocket money did not come easy!

    It was during that time I was in constant company of Frank Earp the now famous author in folk law and UFOs

    Please read his account about my six movie frames.

    Frank Earp's New Book Paranormal Nottingham Featuring Georgek

    Our group was named The Universal Alien Contact Society (U.A.C.S.) and it stood up for it's name.

    It was during that time we knew that we were being watched by advanced entities .
    The sky was almost electric.
    After my first experience when the 'sky lit up thing' started to happen.

    I had various ways of communicating with them including telepathy,transmitter and using a torch to flash into the clear night sky.

    We knew them as 'The Masters' which appeared to impress them. (yer that is how I see them)
    The Masters were advanced UFO entities who used light beams to travel (so we had been told)

    Whatever reasons I can give, I am certain that we were being watched as we watched them. They took an interest in us because of our outstanding abilities. These abilities are beginning to show now.

    People ask why they should pick on a group of kids instead of some famous scientist or politician?

    Our minds were free from the conditioning of an adult mind.

    Our beliefs were strong and we accepted their instructions instead of questioning and trying to fit them into our mundane world.

    Our abilities were such that we could be further trained. Results can already be seen.

    It was during that time that I would point my camera towards the sky at random in the hope of catching something by chance.
    As film was expensive, I would only take snippets of film at a time as to save expense!

    Every bit of film clip I would remember. This was my first film and it was memorable.

    The camera never ever taken outside the property and nothing more was filmed apart from family and friends.

    I would pray constantly through transmitter and open prayer to show themselves to me.

    My prayers began to come true as I will explain in later posts.

    The pictures that I had, were the most remarkable in the world for that time including a spacecraft landing, their laboratory and a waist up picture of a robed deity.

    I literally thought that I was going out of my mind and without saying anything, just showed the frames to Frank. We just stared at each other in deep shock, not saying a word for a few seconds as we gazed back in disbelief.

    It was a Sunday evening and in a broken voice filled with emotion, I asked:- "Frank...what is can this be?"

    To be continued....
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  2. Georgek

    Georgek George

    My account may differ with Frank's after all this was getting on 54 years ago!

    The speed of Standard 8 movie film is about 16 frames per second. Please make a note.

    The film was played perhaps 60 or so times, because these moments were magical!

    I was playing the film to Frank that Sunday evening and the bit came on where I pointed my caamera towards the sky just above the roof of our house to try and capture anything, should a UFO be present? I know it was stupid, but we were kids.

    The scene came along as we watched the camera pan the sky and then it went dark for about half of a second as the next piece of snippet came on the morning after of my brother walking in the front garden. We knew that it was the next day by the colour temperature.

    The picture below was taken about the same time around 1965 and shows y family who would have been present at our house and who were in a few of the scenes. I recollect that the picture was taken by my grandma's work colleague nwho visited our family.


    From left to right, my mother is on the extreme left followed by my father, maternal grandmother, me and my brother.

    I would like to point out, that at the time, there was no such thing as 'YouTube', Paintshop or anything that you could use to edit a film unless you were a professional!

    My camera consisted of a cheap die cast camera made by Boots. It was the cheapest one on the market and had no exposure meter...only an iris adjustment. There was no autofocus at the time.

    My Curiosity

    I wanted to know why the scene went dark? Of course I suspected something within our property as each snippet was sacred to me as a remembrance of my youth and family in years to come. The film was also expensive and I wanted to know each bit.

    As mentioned in my previous post, I took the film out of the projector which had no 'still' facility and went upstairs with Frank to study these frames with a magnifying glass using my mother's bed side lamp.

    It finally dawned on me, that the added frames (6 altogether) were 'added on' whilst my camera was placed in my bedroom following the scene of the sky. From reason's that I had earlier described.

    I cannot remember the sequence of frames, but the first two consisted of a robed entity with long hair and a headband. He had what I can describe as a medallion hanging from his neck as he tilted his head and smiled at the camera. Frank describes the robe as blue, but it seemed more purplish to me. Frank spent more time looking at the frames than I did, so he may be more accurate?

    The second two consisted of a large flying saucer land in a field with what I can describe as a crew around it. The thing that I remember the most were the trees and dome shaped windows.

    Finally the last two frames consisted of what I can describe as a laboratory with robed figures with high Elizabethan collars looking on.
    The most interesting thing about these two frames was a kind of manikin or a robot with it's head hinged on the collar and two effector type claws like large pincers pointing upward.

    This was the first insight of UFO drones.
    The frames were 'mind blowing' and although quite dark, were clear in full colour.
    The six frames were made into a slide and was given to Frank for safe keeping. The rest he describes.

    To be continued.....
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  3. Georgek

    Georgek George


    I have here the actual lead frames to the phenomena of the six movie frames.

    You can see that I aimed my camera above the house and the bits of cloud at the top.

    I have here a reconstruction of the 6 movie frames by adding these images.

    The strange thing is that each shot would be equivalent to one eighth of a second.

    Can this be done?

    Before I let Frank have the entire slide, I made my own black and white bromide prints by pinning bromide paper onto the wall with drawing pins and using a slide projector to send the image across.

    My developing was terrible as the pictures became fogged and damaged with fixer contamination as can be seen here.

    If you look carefully, you can just make out contours of a robe.
    The print is in negative form


    A black sprocket can be made out on the bottom right

    Please do not judge my claim by the images that you see. These are just to describe what was there. They offer no proof as Ia m just using these badly composed pictures to give an indication...nothing more. I hope you all will understand that and not judge the collection on these?

    To be continued......
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  4. Georgek

    Georgek George


    I have here one of the two frames in the laboratory.

    The Bromide paper was pinned to the door and was held there by the drawing pin on the top right hand corner.

    Please appreciate that any colour image projected on Bromide paper will turn out as a negative in black and white.

    Here is the print reversed.


    Again the result was too strong a projector exposure a split second as the print developed quickly and was immersed in fixer solution and finally washed.

    This is nothing how it appeared originally as I am also unsure which two frames it had followed?

    On the right you can just make out two figures who appear dressed in black tunics with high collars looking at a manikin towards the left of the picture.

    This appears nearly as good as the originally and is indeed white. The head is horizontal and on the original had these two pincers or effectors up in the air. The body which cannot be seen comprised as a barrel shape with legs as if walking.

    There was a type of bench as the figures are looking on.

    To be continued....
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  5. Georgek

    Georgek George

    This one I recall showed a saucer or a space ship landed between a thicket of trees.

    Again in negative form as you can see the domed windows with struts coming down. This is what I remembered....

    A seated space ship on the ground with feet. I remember the windows as it was fairly large and I think there were entities which seemed to be walking around?


    Here is the same frame (1 fo 2) made correct. Of course it was in colour before the transparencies were damaged by Frank.

    Interestingly you can make out what I deem to be the bottom part of the robed entity. So this must have been either the last two frames or the middle two frames?

    I can honestly you tell you all...that the original was 'breath taking'

    Yer we knew that they existed and that we were being observed, but this really rammed it home.

    It was the shock of seeing it! There was no doubt...not even the faintest.

    What you are looking at are very weak pictures given by the UFO occupants to us as a gift!

    My power of observation found these frames.

    The camera was always placed in my bedroom on the dresser.
    They came into the room and took the pictures. How they did it...I have no idea!

    As far as I was concerned, the camera never moved.

    People may ask why did they not do a better job and tell us?

    They don't! This was the way that they worked!

    It was like being tested all the time. Pretty much like saying:- "You are trying to film us??? Okay...we are here....see if you can find us and see how good you are? If you miss us, you do not deserve to find us!"

    As kids were were just incapable of forging anything like this. This was my very first film and a lot of the time the scenes appeared fast because I was trying to capture everything at once...generally!

    The film had gone for ever, but I prayed for more pictures...often using my walkie-talkie to show themselves to us.

    I used to say:- "Please show yourselves and who are you...what do you look like and where do you come from?"

    My next picture was the one taken inside their craft. Again....they hid it at number zero frame.
    Then followed more pictures of themselves posing in front of the camera and then areal photographs looking fro a high altitude.

    Other things like this one:-


    What are they telling me...that they are from above...or something to do with Jesus?

    Then the next picture is of my window.

    The Sacrament of the Last Supper was in poster form above my bed.

    It went on and on as I am truly grateful!

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  6. Rick Hunter

    Rick Hunter Noble

    I appreciate you sharing these with us. Would it be possible to magnify the pictures in your third post?
  7. Georgek

    Georgek George

    yes of course...

    Do you mean the film with trailer/sprockets?

    This was just simulated by myself to give every one an idea.

    The actual scenes are real but enhanced.

    Will see what I can do.

    You may also wish to read Frank Earp's report on this?

    Paranormal Nottingham in first post
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