The Ufology Civil War

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    Interesting perspective, I'm still digesting it, what do you think?...

    The Unidentified - The Ufology Civil War

    The introduction of a foreign body often provokes a reaction from the established system, particularly if there is a high possibility of dramatic change. Depending on circumstances the foreign body can be accepted and absorbed into that system, thus changing the system itself or alternatively it can be vehemently rejected and then expelled.

    In our over elaborate explanation we observe Ufology as the established structure with ‘To The Stars Academy’ (TTSA) as the invading foreign body. Ufology can be classed as the collation of various sub community cultures of people who are interested in Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and most prominently ‘extraterrestrials’. To The Stars Academy are a start up media company who are branching into aerospace and UFO research, their introduction into Ufology (although they actually don’t really engage Ufology directly) has caused upset to the traditional workings of Ufology. They threaten change, possibly even ‘the death of Ufology’ in its current state.

    As a consequence of the invading TTSA foreign body, a very ugly, spiteful civil war within Ufology has broken out. Nitpicking, personal attacks, doxing, ignoring the Navyrevelations along with confirmation bias masquerading as objectivity loom over any credible approach. The unknown hangs over the horizon. Any data slightly associated to TTSA is pounced upon, any FOIA results from DOD are taken as conclusive proof (they are lying about some things but not others?) and official documents are arguably manipulated for the purposes of unwitting biased propaganda. It is all open to speculation and existing perception decides your starting position, this isn’t asking ‘hard questions’ this is asking your questions. (This is my own opinion and I’m big enough to admit I’m biased towards TTSA).

    The war is based around the ideology of ‘UFO disclosure’, a vague concept which has subjective connotations for each individual person and then again for each specific sub cultured community. And here we see the real reasons why fighting breaks out between various groups. For example, the TTSA initiative apparently backed by the CIA (no evidence has been presented so far) are not well liked having omitted the truth about UFOs for the past 70 years. So concluding theorists intervene on speculation, which is a trait which falls short of accepted mainstream standards. How will standards change with ‘UFO transparency’, do such revelations carry weight into Ufology methodology?

    How do the various sub culture groups see UFO disclosure?

    On one side we see the ‘conservatives’ who essentially wish to maintain the status quo, nothing within Ufology is required to change, but in the same breath the mainstream media and society is required to change and adapt to Ufology in its current form.

    The other group would be ‘progressionists’, who see the need for change within both Ufology and the mainstream that would seemingly ‘absorb into each’ other in a way that allows open accepted UFO transparency.

    And here we have the clash, how do we move forward with Ufology into the mainstream? Arguably two very incompatible systems at present, both now being forced together. The foreign body is invading the host system. Interesting to see what happens. What we can state for sure is that TTSA are becoming influential, enabling the mainstream to change its attitude towards UFOs (Although, not Ufology).

    Currently we are seeing a dramatic change in the way the mainstream media reports Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) or as it was more commonly known, Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). To The Stars Academy has set about changing the structure of national security policy within the Department of Defense (DOD) as reported in Politico by Bryan Bender. They have close ties to individuals within DIA, CIA and NASA, all of whom have high security clearances within the pentagon and have even ‘silently partnered’ with specific programs on various topics (as Lue vaguely touched upon with our ourselves).

    As we reported earlier in the year they have engaged congress, specifically the senate armed forces committee, who have been briefed on UAP. This in itself is a huge achievement, given that UFOs don’t exist officially and that such a ‘crazy topic’ akin to flat earth theory would ever be discussed at the highest levels of any government. And yet it has been. There is a genuine ‘UFO’ reality.

    The results of this are now starting to filter through into the mainstream, the articles in Politic and Washington Post disclosed that the Navy are formulated guidelines for pilots to officially report advanced propulsion aircraft. They (Mainstream news outlets) also inadvertently recognised that UFOs or UAP exist as stated by propulsion performance ability as stated by the pilots testimony in the three officially released pentagon videos. FLIR, Gimbal and Go Fast. These are the first major and serious reporting of UFOs since December 16th 2017.

    As Richard Dolan suggested in a recent you tube video, the term UAP and the recent Navy revelations are a form of ‘rebranding’ of the term UFO and everything that comes along with it. Essentially, they are ignoring the past 70 years of UFO history. Which you have to agree, that’s exactly what they are doing to a certain extent. The problem is pushback from the conversations who wish to have the mainstream change, but not be open to a change in Ufology itself.

    Hence, why we are seeing this TTSA initiative portrayed as some form of ‘Alien false flag’ operation, or a bizarre CIA psychological operation aimed at Ufologists or a way to expand military funding for war against the evil aliens who are a threat. ‘Yes, they said threat so that makes up my mind on the issue’ is the thinking from some of the older Ufologists, despite the fact ‘Alien Abductions’ with invasion experimentation is horrific and indeed a serious threat. Maybe that’s just me.

    What they don’t see is the other side of why this approach might be taken. The psychological impact of attempting to reveal extreme and frightening concepts is profound by anyone’s standards. A formal initiative entangled DOD with policy would do well by treading carefully. The concept of UFOs is loaded with 70 years of history, cultish conspiracies have dominated the belief systems without the luxury of verification towards extreme claims. One person may work in classified projects cutting up alien bodies, another has gone to Mars to fight extraterrestrials whilst a third pushed an alien into a portal to save it.

    Essentially, it is a space aged dungeons and dragons mythology played out by individuals who are hoaxing or are simply flat out mentally insane. It cannot pass into the ‘everyday reality’ in this current state. It is conspiratorial, unverifiable and full of unscientific biases analyses all of which masks the true nature of an extreme phenomena to the mainstream public. Essentially, the bizarre claims made within Ufology protect it from the credible standards of the investigative journalism ever being applied, it protects with invisible barriers, for in its current state it protects itself from truly changing.

    Take for example, alien abductions, cattle mutilations, crop circles, hoaxed sightings and experiences, unverifiable conspiracies, CE-5 engagement, disinformation government intervention into Ufology, classified information and data into UFOs and flying saucers captured in crash retrievals. All of which may have genuine truth to it, but at this point in time it means nothing, it is all psychologically rejected in extreme measures by non-UFO people, and that is the genuine parts. To your Mum, Dad, brother and sister most of it is exceptionally mental, it doesn’t exist, cannot be real. Grow up, I have been told in so many words. I guess it is hard to accept.

    Maybe it is the equivalent of telling someone God exists (or doesn’t), the psychological rejection of such a concept is inevitable. Hence, why the cover up is just so easy to play out. Add in a few bizarre conspiracies such as ‘False Flag Alien attack’, ‘Project Blue-beam’, or ‘Energy directed beams’ used against civilians, etc and the mainstream runs for hills. I don’t blame them. I would suggest a lighter touch when making bedfellows.

    The promotion behind the TTSA/AATIP initiative was to enable change within DOD directive, not take away from it. Admittedly disclosing all the secrets behind the hanger doors would in theory provide foreign adversaries the advantage, and how do you do that in a heavily stove piped DOD structure which has a classified ‘need to know’. That again, is dependant in such program directors being willing to open up the hanger doors, not everyone will be wanting to spill the beans on what they know.

    The American government is an amorphous entity with regard to various intelligence agencies, and each of those may have multiple un-acknowledged special access programs. The left hand has no idea what the right is doing. So how then do you disclose everything from the position of the executive branch when you cannot gain access to all the relevant UAP information?

    There is simply too much baggage in the way various agencies have and are dealing with UFOs in the same way there is too much baggage within Ufology. It is understandable why the TTSA initiative has been sensitively tactful, to open up the UFO topic requires a fresh start. Personally, I hope that once UFO/UAPs are accepted as a serious issue worthy of attention that the genuine elements of a reformed Ufology can be analysed.

    Unfortunately, those days are a long way from here. The efforts of TTSA are being contested and scrutinised, by both conspiracy theorists and genuine researchers chasing for their own version of the truth.

    The jury is still out at this point, whether TTSA will be expelled or absorbed by Ufology still remains to be seen, there fate only measured by success. No less than than dramatic change will do, the internal DOD structured system requires reform for true UFO transparency.

    Whatever happens it would appear something has to give.

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