This is how Planet of the Apes starts as Coronavirus slams the World


tall, thin, irritable
My wife has been hooked on chimp videos for reasons unknown - watching them use tablets and so forth. She's amazed at how human-like they behave.

There are no lack of other versions of US running around on this planet, and that's been the case a very long time. Why is it such a stretch of the imagination to think there could be an as yet undiscovered creature out there ?


As Above So Below

Shocking moment knife-wielding monkey waves blade around zoo enclosure in scene 'straight out of Planet of the Apes'

The Sulawesi crested macaque, living at Chester Zoo in Cheshire, found the utensil and began waving it around at its fellow primates after it was accidentally left in an enclosure by a workman. It picked up the foldable pocket knife and was able to release the sharp edge from its enclosure before waving it around in the vicinity of its fellow primates, who scrapped over it in a bid to claim it for themselves. Shocked visitors filmed the encounter from behind a panel of safety glass - but say the chimp bashed the implement against a wall in order to release the blade, going as far to suggest that 'it knew exactly what it [the knife] was'.