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    Johnny boy, let's pretend that the event happens. We will still be clueless. You have not left an understandable, well-written, easy to read summary.

    Who are these aliens you talk about, regarding humanity? What does the event mean for every one of us? How will it affect our every day lives? Why are you and Eve the chosen ones? Why use forums to spread your message? How do aliens contact you?

    Telling people about the basics, some of your personal experiences in detail, will help people relate and understand you. Because right now you deserve every attacks you get, for the self righteous religious nutcase behavior you represent. Everyone agrees on that on this forum. You dont know how you sound like to us.
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    Hello all,

    I don't like how it looks like but that's life. I have been provided an update for the Orleans UFO event: JULY 21 2019!

    So, if you agree I will stay until that date. I will explain why this date is of utmost importance.
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    Oh fuck off.
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    I don't think that there are direct connections between the 12 Tribes of Israel & Judah and 12 ET races.

    No, there is NO coat of Arms displaying an enormous red dragon with 7 crowned heads and 10 horns. This description is symbolic of a succession of heir apparents to the British throne (the title 'Princes of Wales' is given ONLY to them), some with the name George (7) and some without that name (3). Total of kings: 7 + 3 = 10.

    Of course, the red dragon is the symbol of Wales. The two supporters of the coat of Arms of the Princes of Wales (which has a red dragon too) are a crowned lion (head) and an unicorn (horn). The heads and the horns are therefore repeated (and then added) each time there is a new king, including, or not, a king (horn) George (head).

    So, the only one being the 7th crowned head and 10th horn is the next king of UK who will call himself George 7.

    Many believe that it will be Prince Charles due to the present succession list. But it won't. According to Rev 12, it will be Prince William who is the father (red dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns) of the Male Child born on July 22 2013, 6 years ago, whose sign in heaven was the yearly meteor shower called the 'Perseids' covering the third of the sky from mid-July to mid-August (period of George's birthday).

    No, I don't subscribe AT ALL to all these theories. I have read a great number of those theories and their common point is a patent lack of Bible knowledge. There are but attempts of 'phagocytage' of a world successful book along history: the Bible.

    Understand that the immense majority of the biblical prophecies researchers are just collecting disparate 'clues' to give them random meanings without any logic related to those prophecies, in the order of those prophecies. Why? Because it is imposible to relate all the points without the only possible key which is Prince George being, very soon, the new Christ returned.
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  5. john4564

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    I know who is the King of kings (Christ), and who he will be (Prince George) and when he will be (New Jerusalem on earth). I gave up my career, my belongings and my family life to serve him. I dedicated all my days to him. I almost died for him. I will die for him. TWICE!

    Why do you feel the need to share with us your good deeds? Keep that list for him. I am not the one selecting far as I know. Besides, it is far more difficult to accept help than to help. The first lowers the ego, the second rises the ego.

    The Bible doesn't speak about any Goddess. Maybe it is someone you believe to be a Goddess, but is actually a female alien.

    I focus on the transition period for it is our task for the time being. I embrace Jesus Christ through what I am asked to do...which is not the easiest path at all. I would prefer looking good in the eyes of people, but being good in God's eyes is even more important. When God appoints the Two Witnesses they must deserve that appointement and be doing what his Plan has in store...even if humans don't understand it yet. THAT is the true service.

    I don't know what is 'hex's'.

    We now go beyond our karma by strictly following God's will through a given role. Our ego has no importance whatever what must take place for us. We are just God's tools. We go beyond salvation, what karma is all about.

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    Hello George, I am fine. How are you too? Religious icons? Yes, show them. But, you know, I am not fan of icons.

    Best regards!
  7. Georgek

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    Yes so does the church.

    I have repented John. Could you ask him more lightning strikes:eek:

    I am praying for a roofer right now.
    "In my father's house there are many mansions"

    I will soon be looking for one!

    It is like Gethsemane here at the moment minus the tile that just missed my head!
    Talk about 'fishers of men' I dare not look in that cesspool in the loft where the rain had gathered. Summit not very god like up there!


    Oh ye with little faith.....

    Moma told me there would be days like these.

    I already did this for DemonFighter before he legged it. "Let us leave him...he has the devil inside!!!" do not know who you are talking to .

    It is called 'OPINION' John and it comes under the heading "Kill the Ego"

    You warn of something that is too weak to stand for itself based on what you had read and others have not.

    It becomes knowledge when God talks to you, and then it would still be your opinion against that of others.

    Until that had been done (which it had not) it remains an opinion.


  8. john4564

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    I provided a video which sums up the end times.

    They are the angels of God, serving Christ and working for him. They look like humans but taller. They are accompanied by small blue beings with large eyes and a big head.

    The event means the start of the end times period lasting 60 years (the first 30 years being those of the tribulations, the selection, the rapture, then the destruction) before the New Jerusalem comes down to earth for the chosen ones to live in that City of God for 1,000 years.

    The ETs' spacehips will interact more and more with humanity in progressive ways. Our daily lives will be affected by the WWIII and its economical consequences, then by the use of nuclear weapons, then by the rapture of the chosen ones, then by huge natural catastrophes and, at last, by aliens attacks against those left behind to cleanse the area where the New Jerusalem will be settled, that is to say the Middle East.

    So, it means that each one of us, in our daily life, has to learn how to live without credit cards (mark of the second beast), how to live in safe places (rather nature and mountains), to pray, repent and stay faithful while still loving and caring for others.

    We frankly don't know, except that we did the things that were asked, forgetting the risks. We stayed faithful even when losing everything. We focused only, without any other activity, on the coming mission.

    For training sessions for our next mission as the Two Witnesses prophesying for 1,260 days. The people' reactions are excellent measures to assess the job to come. Besides, this could help some people, and some people could help others with what I bring. In this world, there are takers, but, sometimes, givers too.

    Through direct physical contacts (rare), visions while awake, and vivid dreams. Most of them have voices and living images and scenes. Some are provoked by remote viewing sessions.

    Being understood for what we are is not the goal. I used to share our experiences and saw that the result is but close to zero. Everyone has one's own experiences. People make comparisons and ours are rapidly lost in the conversation, provided that, after all, this becomes a matter of 'beliefs'.

    The goal is to share the solution of the Bible prophecies. That is why the title of this thread is:

    'TRUE END TIMES BIBLE PROPHECY - Monarch Briefing'.

    Would you like me to count the number of posts exclusively dedicated to the topic? Very few, actually. That is a pity because after 30 pages, it would have helped people to see how the probabilities to get such chronological detailed correspondences between prophecies and facts are extraordinarily low.

    So, most of people have missed the target focusing on me rather than the message.
  9. john4564

    john4564 Noble

    The easy way out. But when dicussing the meat with you there are not even the bones left. So, I know who I am talking to actually.
  10. Georgek

    Georgek George


    You would not like to have been there when war broke Trust me!
    All their Christian gods could not take me matter how they prayed.

    What is a person if they cannot be a free thinking mind and a directive of their own thought?
    Why must a soul whimper in obedience and told to look down? To give a child a spade and to be told to use a trowel?
    As to walk is a sin and not be crawling???

    Is man is not allowed to look up, because he sees the sky....that his earth is the footstool of his aggressor?
    For mortal I am to see what I see and told that I am "ego" To shut my mouth and do what I am told.

    Man was not born of the dust that overshadows his a blind man shall bear witness.
    That the scorn of the devil be his embrace because he sees God? As the pinion of grey, in his heart is the thirst of all the blind shall wonder.

    Let not the grace of pendent wax scorn the clay of ill defiance that dwells in all men.
    For dwindle not the doorman, or the hounds of scorn...that the coppice lies empty in the field, for here too lie the dead and the bugle man as cygnets fly high.

    The dawn of many months reign the chrysalis fly as the ant will grow new wings.
    I bore my light upon fire, when thy legs were weak
    That my flame be within all men that are hit by the lame?

    As to see...... smotest thy other eye.... that all shall turn blind
    For what is man who bares no credence, if I turn my back?

    That his fire burns within his soul as I charge thee once more.
    For they shall know that sendeth I, from the call of the cradle

    Let not the thorngrowers doom be the plight of their eyes, that their heart beats cold.
    The humble embrace of candle sticks be the light of their dawn

    Behold......the rains cometh

    Are YOU also a bugle man John?


    That is where my power comes from John and if it is knowledge that you seek....then why do you doubt what yous see?

    So what are you here for rammel (Nottingham slang) about a 4000 year old religion on a paranormal/UFO forum
    Yes the word is 'invite' look it up

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  12. john4564

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    July 21 2019 is the day before Prince George's 6th birthday (echoing king George 6, the king, among the 7, who is through his descent ERII), Prince George being the future Christ returned. When Jesus was born it was the first day of the calendar (I won't go into the real calendar discussion), like a January 1st. We have been said: 'we will come to take you on December 31st'.

    July 21 2019 is the 50th anniversary of the first step on the moon
    with this famous sentence of Neil Amstrong: 'one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind'. Him and Buzz Aldrin were in the modul called 'eagle'. In 2011, Eve had a vision where a big UFO covered the moon. So, it fully eclipsed it. The next Anointed One, one of the four living creatures, one of the future Two Witnesses, future king George 7, is the eagle with open wings, aka a Sagittarius (both constellations in the same period). So, when one will celebrate the 50th anniversary (a jubilee) of a man's glorious achievement, an UFO event, for the rapture of that eagle, will eclipse it in the news. It will therefore be a mall step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind. Amstrong and Aldrin were two. We will be two.

    There are other reasons, of course, for this date to be the good one. I will maybe speak about them later.
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  13. Georgek

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    Hello John


    I suppose this makes me a devil...'Get thee behind me Satan'
    I call it the opposition.

    Makes no difference to me...Ia m going to hell
    I like it...reminds me of the mother in law
  14. john4564

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    LIMITED POWER ACTUALLY! I also have had my period of writings on free will and self-achievement. Wait for the powers God will provide us with...

    You know, this conversation is sterile. Wait for the events and we will see who is right, who is wrong, at the end of the story.
  15. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Talking about 'bones' I hope you do not have any missionary trips planned?
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    Andrew Basiago claims the presidents going back to at least Bush senior were told they would become president via time viewing and/or time travel technology. If this is true then the royal family would also have foreknowledge of future events and potentially have an ability to tailor the timeline. Would the source of their information be the Dracos or Reptilians?
    Project Pegasus - Home
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    Think this is good. Must listen to it again to dig deeper into what it teatch.

    Keep away from mental hospitals. Totally. The " happy medication pollute the earth. Antidepressant use is posing a very real threat to the environment, experts warn

    Go out on small mountain trips instead and sing hymns to life. Better health effect in every way.

    Love and bless to you :D
  18. Georgek

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    What you mean to say is to wait for the end in our life time?
    Everything has to end one day..even you.

    Wait for what???

    I am getting the picture John...I is getting de picture.

    You will be up in the clouds and I will be down below.

    If you think I wanna listen to all that wailing and screaming of hymn after hymn up there...I don't want to go up there.

    No sireee......

    DemonFighter promised me 7 virgins if I accepted Christ as our one and only true God.
    'Hallelujah'.......'Hallelujah'......'Hallelujah'.....'Hallelujah'..........'Hallelujah' (splutter)

    I am too far gone the other way John
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Fallout 4 is a great game, I'm gonna go play Fallout 4.

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    Kchoo At Peace.

    I am a firm believer that indivuals are not as insane as societies are.
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