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    No, I've got no problems with nobody, I just try not to get caught up in politics and problems, the reasons I see it this way is, If God was to destroy the world, What can I do to stop it? Everything that begins ends, if it's gods will that the world is destroyed, there isn't a lot My worrying can do for it I'd think. I accept that I'm a tiny wheel in a larger machine that functions with or without my turn is all,. I think that could be part of the issue. everyone thinks their wheel is the most important wheel in the machine. I just realize that the machine would still work even If I didn't turn is all. you know, Large cosmic universe, Itty bitty me is all.
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    My apologies on this one John.

    I found it in my collection and decided to post it to you.
    The crucifixion I believe in...but then again that is my belief.

    What I was trying to do here, is to show that other bits of research data exist.

    It points to a CONTRADICTION.

    My point is 'why'?

    Your factual source is the bible. To the Muslims it is the Koran .

    Each religion believes adamantly that theirs is the correct one.

    Clearly something is wrong?

    Each are willing to die to uphold the word of 'God'

    Then you talk about the ego.

    The Muslims say that the sacrilege of God needs defending....hence they are fighting for God.

    Christians fight because of differences and are unable to defend God by faith alone but solemnly believe if those who oppose their religion are in defiance of God and kill for other reasons, as instead their own belief would bring in the 'ego'

    The 'ego' meaning one man's instead they group in numbers as it is better to kill the enemy body and eliminate adverse corrosion of biblical advertorials that would otherwise stem mankind's spiritual growth.

    The Gazza Strip for example being a useless piece of land that had claimed many lives.


    Because each religion believes that God had given them that piece of land and what had been given by God, cannot be withdrawn

    So the centuries of battles continue as many more people die as God rests in his chamber awaiting vengeance of his names sake.

    Then you come along, now the world has civilised a little telling us about the the forsaken damnation that will occur if we don't take your research as opposed to theirs.

    As in your infinite wisdom John, you still cannot see that there is a problem?

    The problem being is that you don't know that a battle of minds is going on as to what is correct and which is not?

    Now you are gonna come along here and tell me about 'The War in the Heavens' and deceiving the most ardent of us if that was possible. Cannot remember the chapter.

    You do not see the implications of inaccuracies and instead of rectifying these inaccuracies or implanting them as mystifying, you give yours fact, whilst you ignore the other.

    This is not what research is all about.

    As to claim that your bible is a source of fact (am I correct???? As I am still working you out) you are not looking at the 'big picture'

    Worse are dealing with the 'forum village idiot' There are some great minds thinking in the vaults (eating crisps and blueberry pie) who can give you better answers than I can.

    Until then we (where have they gone?) can only sit and wait.

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    Beasts??? How many are they? Nothing about the one who had eaten the zoo keeper at Twycross Zoo.


    Jeez John.....there is 6 months work for my psychiatrist and another two months for you. I will try asking for discount?

    John come here a minute..........put your glasses on....


    Do you think it is fair for me to get this when you had been hiding? George


    Mari is no more than the reincarnation of Hag-Gula. She got her punishment at the foot of her stairs as it was nice and quiet for two months.

    You speak to me about 'this' power that I am meant to have?

    This is what THIS POWER is. Flipping hag (your serious and they are laughing over here)


    She fell down the stairs alright.

    She did not get mine!

    I don't like witches casting spells.

    I will tell you what power is all about. It is not the misuse of power but bringing it on themselves.

    That first post really annoyed me. So I wrote:- "Right...YOU get some help because now I want you down on your knees...DOWN!"

    What Ia m trying to say John, is that these posts and remarks are indeed 'crackers'
    Just like your second quote.

    The difference between us, is that I GATHER the evidence and this makes it real. Talking about it, means nothing.
    You say something like that, and you have to get into real time conversation.


    I had to send a tornado all the way to LA as they scarpered inside.


    You see impossible but yous say 'coincidence' yet I back myself up.


    You you see it..BUT YOU STILL DON'T BELIEVE IT. Date stamped...sealed and delivered. You wont believe what Ia m showing you, yet accept something ambiguous 2100 years old!

    Not the once John...but 2, 3, 4, 5 right up to thirty each one accurate and not one incorrect and you still talk about co-incidences!

    I am meant to be this last time I got her down on her knees .

    If you want me to show it...I will. the post that is!

    So now you see our differences?
    How about here?


    I took on his challenge and turned Hurricane Kyle around from the Caribbean on a 'U' turn

    Hurricane Kyle Roars Toward New England - CBS News

    27 Sep 2008 - It was Maine's first hurricane watch in 17 years, the National Weather Service said. Elsewhere in New England, a hurricane warning was .

    He lost!

    He warned that coastal flooding could be a problem and said some hospitals in vulnerable areas had started sandbagging. Another major threat is small stream flooding, he said.

    "We urge everyone to pay close attention to weather warnings and stay away from any flooded roadways or fast-running streams," he said.

    It was Maine's first hurricane watch in 17 years, the National Weather Service said. Elsewhere in New England, a hurricane warning was posted for Nantucket Island off the coast of Massachusetts in September 1996, according to the Weather Service office in Taunton, Mass.

    Thanks for reading John.

    Best regards

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    ok time to hold him to account..
    I never forget..
    1st fail and his post directly before the fail.
    Screenshot_20190716-193824_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190716-193942_Chrome.jpg

    soo as we can see he FULLY understood that the event was going to happen on Sept 16th 2017..
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    like a good false prophet he did not apologize for his failure..NOPE. he just moved the date forward .
    Screenshot_20190716-194953_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190716-195003_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190716-195018_Chrome.jpg

    so now the date is Sept 20th.. setting up fail 2!
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    I can continue..but I see no real point.
    he sets a date.. then finds bible passages to support said date.
    Then when the date passes he starts the cycle anew.
    this has happened over and over
    I don't need to debate the bible.
    I don't need to argue British royalty.
    All I need is to show everyone that this guy is NEVER right.
    and July 21st will pass like the rest.
    see he knew the 5 day thing would collapse in his face so he just forgot about the 5 day window..
    And now has settled on the 21st .
    on Monday morning I will get up and go to work.
    So will he picking a new day for his delusions
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    Hi John

    This si my so called power.


    But.....but...hold a minute where are you going?[​IMG]

    Come back here[​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  10. Georgek

    Georgek George

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    Oh, thank you very much for making me laugh SOOOO much! Not that long ago you were arguing with me about my reference to wikipedia on the Neanderthals' disappearance about 30,000 years ago to make your point on how IRRELEVANT are the archeologists' and paleontologists' conclusions. While they have MATERIAL evidence to draw such conclusions, the psychiatrists have...NONE! :laugh8:

    The only thing the psychiatrists have is a worldview they try to impose on the people and drugs!

    Now, to reply to your statements in red:

    John4564 has claimed multiple times that aliens come to him, talking to him
    I am not the only one claiming to be or have been in touch with aliens. There are thousands of contactees and abductees in the world, including in this forum (then full of crazy people according to you).

    John4564 keeps reporting back from his imaginary alien friends when they said something to him
    Thousands of contactees and abductees all over the world reported back their conversation, if any, with aliens. Some have had physical evidence on their body like I had one (see the real 4400 I posted here). My 'imaginary' friends provided me with THE scientific solution (fractal time) to all the mysteries in science, including the UFO prowesses. Two solutions: I am a super genius, better than Einstein (then your psychiatrists are little boys compared to me) or my ET friends are real (and your psychiatrists are wrong).

    Besides, I recently barely gave few of the +200 contacts, visions and dreams we have had with Eve to show you how ET intel looks like, thanks to which I must draw conclusions about the date of departure (many date settings oriented intel). And the other ETs' contributions have been provided only TWICE: one ET message (2003) and one ET warning (2006). The fact that I need to repeat their content is not because of me, but because of some 'forgetful' readers who forgot that the Bible prophecies were not my first and only interest (read 'obsession' in their mind).

    John4564 claims he is one of the Two Witnesses from the Bible
    LIE! I claim that I WILL BE one of the Two long as the Orleans UFO event has not taken place yet. The people with mental disorders claim TO BE someone very important, such as Christ, NOT to soon be someone that even the Christians barely have heard about and even think to have been people of the past! And the difference is huge since I explained what 'Witness' means in that case (two people witnessing the transfer of Christ's soul in the body of Prince George).

    John4564 claimed God talks to him in some way, it was a few pages back
    LIE! I said that God surely INSPIRED me for what I brought is beyond my human intelligence. Now, IF we accept that Jesus Christ IS God as per John 1:1 (metaphor of the drop of water from the sea), then he indeed talked to me, but not that much.

    John4564 claimed that Satan talked to him once, and that Jesus comforted him after

    LIE! I NEVER claimed that Satan talked to me. I said that Satan imprisoned me (in a spiritual state) in a kind of psychic net, loudly laughing about my impossibility to move. I then called Christ who immediately came to set me free and to tell me: 'it is not you who is important but what you represent' (implicitely linking this sentence to the reason for which Satan just trapped me). And the thing is that this unique experience took place when I was 27 (1988) and soon professional pilot (1989), that is to say about 15 years before I started to study UFO stuffs (2003), NOT EVEN the Bible prophecies (2013). So, put in its context, this specific and unique experience has far more meaning than the thousands of Christians claiming to be regularly in touch with Christ, without talking about the channelers all over the world spreading a channeled message every week. I got ONLY ONE (official) message from them: the 2003 ET World Referendum 'Do You Wish That We Show Up?'; and ONLY ONE warning from them: the May 25 2006 Conditional Tsunami Alert.

    As you can see, what you depict is all in your brain, aka your imagination. You should probably meet a professional due to your 'imaginative skills' and 'illed lies'. But, look, I still reply to you, even if you are in such a state of delusions.
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    Georgek George

    Hello John,

    So you are not leaving after all!:eek::oops::Sleep:

    Just after I sent you some nice farewell tributes?

    I read a post in the 'quickness of time' and thought you were leaving us?

    Turned out that 'The Shadow' had posted some of your old posts.

    Yer...I am interested in your posts, it is just I fall to sleep reading a lot of them as whoever gave me ink, God had given you more.

    I had just finished writing your epithet full of praise.

    Brought tears to my eyes as there would have been many tears.

    I went downstairs for a coffee and when I came back in the office forgot all about you until I opened the page up.
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    @mohom, you make me think about FFH whose last message in this forum was in March 17 2019. Maybe you are him with a new pseudo. His hatred against me came from his disappointment of my date settings failures after having followed me in this forum and others for years, and from my will to cut short my friendly relationship with him due to his dishonesty and lack of faith.

    FFH, however, once shared with me the account of his December 2nd 2016 experience.

    According to him, this experience was really disturbing, given its strong vivid nature which shocked him because his bed seemed to shake. He felt the almost physical presence of someone showing him a symbolic message after he asked for one from heaven about what I announced (Orleans UFO event) related to the coming of Christ (at that moment I talked about the 'Christ arrives the 5th' message from the 'Boss' (with the numbers 6 and 7, then 01 and 02) I received on October 31t 2016).

    This symbolic message of his, which was supposed to answer the question 'WHEN', for the Orleans UFO event to take place, was a kind of solid but inert fish seen from aside with a tail, on the left side, made of three red squares. Then a big number 6 appeared.

    Well, this is quite cryptic. Isn't it? I have interpreted it in many ways. But one is now obvious to me.

    The fish represented Christ since the fish was the symbol of the Christians to define Christ. But it was inert because it's based on old 'has been' beliefs. The three red squares represented three past full years (tail on the left side = past on the time axis, and squares with defined limits) and the red color the blood.

    It happens that Prince George was born on July 2013. This experience took place beyond three years later, hence three red squares for three full years in flesh (blood) of the Male Child called to be Christ later (he must first be snatched up to God and to his throne (abducted in Rev 4 & 5) and then come back as the White Horseman (Rev 6)).

    So, the big number 6 which came at the end of this extraordinary vision is but the age of 6 of this same Male Child to become Christ alive, and therefore for the Orleans UFO event to occur, that is to say July 22nd 2019! (Prince George's birthday). Since this vision is directly related to the Boss' intel ('Christ arrives the 5th' with 6 and 7, then 01 and 02), because the FFH's question followed it, the Orleans UFO event is therefore scheduled, according to an OUTSIDE SOURCE, for July 21 2019!
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    Well said, bro. That is my point since the very beginning of this thread. But people kept telling me that I was a fearmonger when I simply showed what God, NOT ME, has in store for the future in the Bible prophecies.

    That is why the only thing to do is to do our best to be saved, if that will exists in us. But since that hope is spread since centuries my task was also to show the end times calendar, or, I'd better say, the end times program and its successive periods, including those of the rapture! Indeed, there is no end times calendar as long as the starting date is not correctly defined since these various successive periods depend on this starting date to be located in time.

    That is where the Orleans UFO event date is of utmost importance. Believe me! This is not a guessing game for me. It is a real and honest attempt to define this starting date for the people to know WHEN these periods must take place in order to prepare to salvation through REPENTANCE and FAITH. I don't want to prepare people for doom but for the good news. But I can't be the one doing what the people are asked to do themselves. God forgives if people repent and remain faithful when the Tribulations come.

    I know how it looks like: old words for a new paradigm!

    But, after years of research, I frankly don't know better words than repentance and faith, along with love and care for others.
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    My point is to help people to sort out the beliefs from the truth. What I offer to the people is a ground solid basis of their beliefs and faith through the unveiling of the Bible prophecies fulfillement. It is because there are real fulfillments of those biblical prophecies that beliefs can be taken for granted.

    That is why I invited you to show us the fulfillment of the Muslim prophecies, implicitely accurate events and characters, NOT TRENDS. Except supposed prophecies from Muhammad (called) The Prophet for his lifetime (mainly battles) and just after his death (his daugther's death and other conquests and battles which could be self-fulfillments of the 'Prophets' orders in a time span close to his death), his prophecies for the end times are vague: just signs that could be interpreted in so many ways. And the whole Muslim faith is based on Muhammad's supposed words...that can not be checked as mere prophecies for their lack of precisions in time, and a mix between Qur'an and hadith written at least two centuries after the Prophet's death!

    Islamic eschatology - Wikipedia

    So, when comparing prophecies, correctly interpreted, you see the big difference.

    Of course, men did wrongdoings in the name of God! But they are men, not God, nor his words.

    There is a problem as long as you make amalgams between knowledge and beliefs system. I bring knowledge and don't support beliefs system when they do not question themselves.

    Well, you confuse Rev 12 (war in heaven) with Mat 24 (deception of even the elect by the false prophets and false messiahs). The deception comes AFTER the war in heaven because those false prophets and messiahs are precisely the fallen angels (the vultures) hurled down to earth like Satan, especially after the end of the reign of the antichrist (the carcass).

    I have rectified the inaccuracies by providing a video showing the meaning of the Bible prophecies. You are not looking at the video.

    I impatiently wait for the great minds you are talking about. In the meantime, I talk to those who are available. LOL.

    Seriously, there are good people here but I didn't see any solid arguments countering my work, except the obsession on my date setting failures...that I lengthily explained. So...
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    Daniel 7 has four beasts, the four English/British royal dynasties: Norman/Plantagenet, Tudor, Stuart and Hanover/Windsor.

    John (The Book of Revelation) has two beasts: the Hanover/Windsor royal dynasty (the fourth of Daniel 7), with the RED dragon being the last Prince of Wales (title for the heir apparent), William, and the City of London (with the antichrist being the dragon of its coat of Arms, i.e. Harry).

    Still here, of course, to tell you that I do NOT question your power to 'guess' the future. I did NOT speak about mere 'coincidences' in your case but what could be taken as such. Now, you maybe think that you DID it (change the course of a hurricane or make someone fall). That's another story. Do you believe that?

    As for my proofs, they are coming (fulfillement of what I announced). What I did until now is presenting the way the Bible prophecies came true until now. I can not provide you with proofs of fulfilled ET intel for they took place in our personal life (including those presented in the list of visions recently) and would not, in no way, be sufficient to convince anyone of anything. BIGGER AND AMAZING EVIDENCE WILL.
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    KUDOS The Shadow! ;) I reply here too for your previous posts above.

    Kudos for your research work in the other and first thread:

    Bible Prophecies Explained at Last

    That proves that you spent time and efforts scrolling the pages to copy/past your selection of my failures. This deserves to be noticed.

    You also hightlighted the ET intel I received and that I still use without changing anything from them. This shows my transparency, along with my honesty regarding the material through which I interpret the awaited date.

    To be continued...
  18. john4564

    john4564 Noble

    You're right, I have sometimes used the Bible prophecies program (I don't remember having cited specific Bible quotes to define the date, but I did use the Hebrew calendar in the year 5777 for it would have been meaningful) to guess the date. I did it with all my heart and honesty.

    Note that, in the order of your quotes:

    1) X/24/77 would now mean 10 years (X) from the year I received this intel, the day July 24 until which we have the right to stay with them in heaven (meaning that we will be leaving sooner) and 77 for twice 7 years (2 cycles of 7 years) since our reunion with Eve, starting in July 2005 (but we started our common life in August 2005).

    2) 'The abduction will happen on Wednesday' talks about those of the Cambridge family next week, and 'we are at least Thursday', translating a period rather than a day, corresponds to the Apollo 11 mission 50 years ago celebrated this week (so, Thursday = July 18 2019).

    3) 'We will come to take you on December 31st' is, as already indicated here, July 21 2019, the day before Prince George's birthday seen as the modern January 1st.

    4) The door opened on '20.12' from 'Andrew's' intel is but July 20 for July is the month before those of our definitive common life with Eve. So, the departure is when this door is fully opened, i.e. July 21.

    5) The number 21 in the amiotic bag is, as already indicated here, July 21, the day before Prince George's birthday.

    6) 'You will live the test of fire the 25th day' is, as already indicated here, July 25th 2019, date of our return from heaven, once changed, as the whole Cambridge family.

    7) 'Christ arrives the 5th' is, as already indicated here, July 25th, that is to say the 5th day after our departure on July 21, provided that the prophecy (Dan 10) says that Christ comes with the Prince of Greece (from heaven), aka Prince William, heir of Prince Charles, himself heir of Prince Philip, Prince of Greece. Since this title is transmitted by 'divine' right, Prince William is also Prince of Greece.

    All you need is love (someone has probably said that?).

    I didn't know in advance that the 5 days I previously talked about wouldn't be respected for I received an update asking me to focus on Apollo 11 last sunday night. NO MORE DAY TO BE POSTPONED. I will leave, both the forum and the earth (to better return in UK).
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    a0034 b007
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    The Bible. It's such an accurate concise historical reference so utterly free of ambiguity, how could anyone question it?
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