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    Bongs don't smoke themselves.

    They have to be lit.

    Discussion...not arguments.

    Bitterness follows taste and often one's pallet .

    You set him alight he is just running a bit hot at the moment burning everyone in
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  2. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Thanks for the compliment ShadowProphet.

    We will see.

    Switch on a table lamp and open your fingers whilst holding your hand in front of the light.
    Look through your hand as you look across it's outline.

    Do you not see the etheric?

    A smokey grey fog causing quivering as you move your hand?

    Talk soon
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  3. Shadowprophet

    Shadowprophet Truthiness

    I think I just learned something lol, I guess I can see it lol Thank you :)
  4. john4564

    john4564 Noble

    You mean like everyone else?

    Funny that you quote Christ's words I used to show that he never asked any church to exist in his name. Recycling my words?

    You can not see the result...unlike Eve and me who have been showed it many times since childhood!

    WOW! This part is a materpiece. Kudos George. You claim to have changed the course of an hurricane by your own power, using the example of Moses opening the sea, and, to better convince us, you use MY OWN WORK, you repeatedly and lengthily stated to be nonsense, when making the name George, i.e. YOUR name, Jesus Christ reincarnated! In other words, YOU STATE THAT YOU ARE JESUS CHRIST!

    Not that long ago, mohom quoted wikipedia about the link between religion and schizophrenia for those believing (you speak about your 'belief') TO BE (not to become as I state for myself for good reasons) a religious important figure, the most important one, actually.

    Beyond your possible mental disorder, what I question is your honesty for you are suggesting here that the 'name of blasphemy' of the 7 heads of the first beast of the Book of Revelation - the 7 kings George of the Hanover / Windsor dynasty - is actually yours, not Prince George's!

    So, you are using MY WORK to prove YOUR 'POWER'! But doing it, you just disregard (why bother?) all the context and the definition of the Lord of the earth, aka the Male Child, called to be snatched up to God and to his throne, who was born at a date which must be PRECISELY linked to the two signs in heaven of Rev 12, that is to say the Star of David alignment and the Perseids meteor shower!

    Do you see your hypocrisy and perversion here? You cherry-pick, not in the Bible, but in MY INTERPRETATIVE WORK, which took me years of study, unlike your own ignorance of the Bible!

    Who are 'they' in 'they will not tell me any more'? Beings higher than Christ? How is that possible? Oh, I see below, they are the 'elemental forces', 'those who travel in UFO', 'the gods of the ancients'!

    How could you have fallen that low, George?

    I better undertand why you reject the Bible as a myth. Like many New Agers do, you use THE major biblical figure and cherry-pick verses out of their context to make your point. And this hypocrisy transpires in your claim: you announce me that I will break a leg (confirmed by your suggestive question below), without wishing it, but doing it for the sake of God's wrath for, unlike the others, as Jesus Christ reincarnated, you have 'responsabilities' share with 'the elemental forces', 'the aliens', 'the gods' (not clear who controls who here). THERE IS A DENSE MIST in your mind, dear George.

    I have pity for you, bro. Your condescending behavior actually is from a disorder.

    I don't know whether you put 'NEW' Orleans (USA) in your first sentence above on purpose or not to later possibly get a way out on your 'guessing' of the Orleans (France) UFO event.

    Indeed, it's above your self-control, for you add that you do not see UFO getting involved more for that event I announce (your probability rating tells much). You can not see the future? mean...UNLIKE CHRIST in the Book of Daniel, the Book of Revelation and all the prophetic chapters of the Bible?

    You are informed (but how and when?) by vague ' forces / aliens / gods' (you never described them, as far as I know), when Christ is above ALL in the Scriptures?

    Congruence much?
  5. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Hello ShadowProphet...mate....

    I thought you were 'The Shadow'

    Just getting over this stomach bug and mixing things up a bit...getting a bit tired


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  6. Shadowprophet

    Shadowprophet Truthiness

    No worries bro, It happens all the time, you wouldn't be even the fifteenth person to confuse us lol
  7. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Not quite correct John.

    I am CONNECTED to the Christ Spirit.

    Jesus Christ does not exist.

    Your bible tells you that Jesus was the man and Christ the father .

    As Jesus asked his disciples:- "Who sayeth who I am?"

    Though art the Christ!

    There is a difference John.

    That is why we have the trinity

    Moving a hurricane is the work of the gods ...and if you can win favour with the gods and they are will kinow why.

    Again you are mixing up my words.

    There are probably a few thousand of this world who are part of the Christ spirit.

    We are joined.

    I believe that I have a connection mainly from my family and The Holy Land

    The church of Ayios Tychonas and the ancient gods of Amathusia Cyprus

    The basis of Atlantis.
    I never said that. It is distorted John...altered to fit.

    No John...get it right...

    Not to prove my power but to prove MYSELF. Again there is a difference.

    The difference here John is that I prove what I say because I have to. Otherwise I get every single 'have a go' who will come along to show me as a fake because their own ego is deflated from years of brainwashing similar to the way you had been brought up.

    In order to sustain their 'nothingness' they have to break others who can oppose their beliefs.
    A bit like you.

    As nothing you have got as what else can you do but try and break with words rather than deeds?
    As your failure is not my weight

    I will look at the rest of your post tomorrow
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  8. pepe

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    Body fog.

    I was covered in it one night, no light trickery and a witness who was as amazed as I was. A millimetre thick it ran from the back of my hand and fell like cold smoke. I haven't thought of this for many years. Only ever happened that one time.
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  9. john4564

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    Oh, you just forget that I also received ET intel. This is 50%/50% from both of us. Reread what I wrote. What are 'failures' are the INTERPRETATIONS of these ET intel, NOT these ET intel for they are ENCRYPTED as showed to everyone. I said that they are like equations with multiple unknowns, with several possible solutions, according to what you think the context and the data of these ET intel could mean. So, I gave those possible solutions, one after another, and they then constituted the successive possible solutions. I could have been right but I made an assumption...

    When computing the 7 churches fractal periods, starting from a precise day of Christ's resurrection date (April 7th 33), as logically estimated by serious Bible researchers with good arguments (this date is still valid), periods after which the Orleans UFO event has to take place, I thought that the 7 churches ended on August 21st 2017, that is April 7 33 + 1,000 years + 500 + 250 + 125 + 62.5 + 31.25 + 15.625 (= 1,984.375 years) = August 21 2017.

    Look, the first post of mine quoted by The Shadow, given a date, was dated on September 14 2017, AFTER August 21 2017, in the year 5777 of the Hebrew calendar (that could have corresponded to X/24/77 that I received!).

    In his post The Shadow wrote:

    So, with time (after several failures) I become aware that I was more royalist than the King himself. The year 33 had to be round (then starting the count from the year 34). The 7 churches period had to be round (1984.375 = 1985). So, 33 + 1985 = 2018!

    So, Christ must return (his spirit in Prince George's body) BEYOND the end of 2018 (full 7 churches period). So, that is why I said twice that the time window of the Orleans UFO event (directly linked to Christ's return as per the Bible prophecies) MUST be January 1 2019 - May 3 2020 (this second date being the extreme limit before the 63 'sevens' for the 1,260 days to pass).

    So, there are the failures before end of 2018, based on a wrong major assumption (I could then have avoided them with the real 7 churches period understanding), and those after 2018, mainly based on 'Christ arrives the 5th', along with the number 6/7 and 01/02 (given on October 31 2016). This means that the reference was those numbers 6 and 7. That could have been the 6th and 7th months from the vision's date, June and July 2019...or the 6th and 7th year (in 2019) of Prince George since he will be Christ returned.

    As you see, this is not a random guessing game. This is an objective solving quest.


    They communicate. We try to understand these communications. That is why...

    We don't play in the same playground. You run after minor stakes (proving to some random guys that you are a true psychic). As we are directly involved, we prepare ourselves (and people reading me) for major changes (end times start) BASED ON OBJECTIVE DATA.
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  10. john4564

    john4564 Noble

    You confuse mundane abilities to 'sense' things with a major milestone of human history...and fate. You're wasting your time (and people's) with your attempts to convince people about your psychic powers. Internet is full of people, all over the world, with such abilities to 'feel' things of the past, the present and even the future. Premonitory dreams, for example, are very numerous on the net. I tell you: MUNDANE ABILITIES!

    This is not because you are 'part of Christ'. NO! This is because the human brain, in general, is linked to an higher realm where those situations, events and characters are (already) recorded. This is NOT because of YOU. This is because of the space-time fabric and the brain ability to be connected to it, even unconsciously. Since you are focused on yourself and prone to what you are capable of in the spiritual 'dimension' you believe you are special when you are not. This is like the children feeling powerful when they start to walk (feeling of freedom) when, actually, God provided them with muscles, a nerves network and a brain in the first place. They make the effort to walk, but they are not the source of that ability.

    Bodybuilders have big muscles because they train to have them to look strong in the people's eyes. Psychics, because they train to be psychics, note their 'exploits' and think they are chosen. Eve and myself USED to do such things too for our private entertainment. But we are BEYOND this childish amazements. This attitude is PRECISELY what God condemns (witchcraft) because it leads to ego inflation and, then, perdition.

    And this is what separates us. You fear failures when I joyfully welcome them because they eliminate possible solutions of the ETs' encrypted intel! It mean that I will soon reach THE solution. I get closer to heaven everyday, when you do exactly the opposite. Your failures would be your own destruction when mine don't depend on what I receive, but on my own 'mistakes' (read: wrong interpretations). I don't fear mistakes because I understand them, unlike you. I have a reflection on my mistakes based on trusted data (so many came true until now), but you don't for your worldview prevents it to come. ALL IS RANDOM IN YOUR 'SPIRITUAL' WORLD, depending on guys around you. You build nothing for others but for you.

    Do you think that man has reached the moon at the first attempt? No. Many rockets exploded and many men died first. But man eventually reached the moon, and walked on it. What you do is reaching space with no goal nor destination. You're just a lost satellite barely spinning around the earth without communication with the earth or the heaven. You just look at your own reflection in the darkness. But you forget that this is the sun that allows you to see what you believe to be your own light in the dark space.
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  11. john4564

    john4564 Noble

    Like I said, I have written a book in French (called 'Les Messagers') in two volumes (for free on Internet), plus one scientific annex, about what we did and experienced, BOTH of us, Eve and myself, in the psychic field. Since the title of this thread is NOT about our psychic abilities, I stay on the topic (True End Times Bible Prophecies) and its connex data, i.e. the ET intel linked to the starting point in time of the end times.

    I was not even the one who started talking about these connex data but people like The Shadow who run to tell how wrong I have been until now (date settings failures) even before saying a word about my video(s) illustrating the topic of this thread. But these failures of mine do not contradict the content of the video (except when I mention a new starting date).

    All you did, regarding the topic, is being wrong about the spiritual content of the Bible, and the Bible prophecies, each time you tried to counter my arguments.

    The Bible prophecies, George, the Bible prophecies. NOT MINE.

    You seem to be focused on my legs. Weird. They are fine. Not the least broken bone in an entire life. And if I break my legs I would tell here what happened. I showed how honest I am, easily admitting my mistakes of the past without the least emotion for my ego has no room in that discussion. Why should it be different?

    But I see your reasoning here. If people don't say you were right it is because they are dishonest, not that you truly were wrong. An easy way out. You fear your failures, George, because they would hurt your ego.

    I am still alive in the forum. So, don't worry. It can happen when stressed.

  12. john4564

    john4564 Noble

    What people usually don't know, or forget, is that ALL HUMAN BEINGS are gifted in the psychic field, ALL OF THEM. Not one is missing! Everyone is telepath.

    BUT, some people notice this ability more than the majority because 1) our western civilization does not promote it, 2) one must have time to notice it, 3) one must be interested in that field, and, 4) one must develop that ability. The brain, linked to the spiritual realm (high time density) through the intertwined space-time fabric thanks to the high speed and complex electrical connections of the brain cells (electricity = energy = two time flows interacting with each other), can be trained in the psychic field like we do for intellectual skills.

    I admire far more a high level mathematician than a mundane psychic. For one high level mathematician there are 1,000 psychics. The mathematician serves science. The psychic often serves him/herself. This is when this behavior can morph into witchcraft...condemned by God...because people can become 'gods' in the eyes of those not trained instead of God...but with big limits.

    Once you have understood that, the only one that must impress you is the one STILL serving God WHILE having psychic abilities that that one ONLY considers as tools to help others, and/or God's Plan, not to hurt anyone. And more than this, rare are those humbling themselves enough to not even openly display such abilities while openly admitting one's own mistakes.

    But here, you enter a very different world...those of the future humanity!
  13. john4564

    john4564 Noble

    I advise you not to follow this path. This destroys your brain cells faster than electronic games. At one point in time, you won't see the difference between good and evil, and will follow the last one who will talk. Arguments can help you separate the wheat from the chaff while you still can. Otherwise, you will just say Peace and Love when you actually wanted to speak about Piss and Sex.
  14. john4564

    john4564 Noble

    Good, George! Good. What matters here is 'SOME, SOMETIMES, USUALLY'...just occurrences, George, occurrences. NOT certainty. Like THOUSANDS of people, if not hundreds thousands, or even millions of people, on this planet. But there are ONLY Two Witnesses! TWO, George, prophesying for God...when the time has come.

    Not that long ago you said:

    What version is the good one? You see how it looks like? How can people trust you?

    Mundane parapsychology games. But, you know, go to a real testing session to prove your 'powers'. There are many labs in USA and GB. THEY will measure the reality of your 'powers'. There is even money (that you could give to charities) to get if you prove the least thing weird enough! When you will succeed these tests THE WORLD will show you respect.
  15. john4564

    john4564 Noble

    Real psychic abilities request years of training, that is to say sacrifices.
  16. Georgek

    Georgek George

    John.....If no one gave you any porridge and you cannot see it...what do you mean what 'version'? If it ain't there why discuss the flavour?

    John...have you received respect with your forecasts? Then when you do...tell me where to go?
    Have you not heard the saying that a prophet is without honour in his own country?

    Does not your bible teach you that Christ with all his purity had come into this world and got crucified. The master of all things who still have 'his dogs begging at his table'

    The very person or entity whom you adore that you profess him and cannot see your own kind? As it is you who needs proof as the Doubting Thomas who although sees. still wonders blindly on 2100 years of history.

    It is here the blind leads the blind as both shall wonder into the pit. ( I am not being personal here-but the general status )

    Though Christ with all his glory had failed to convince mankind and you send me out to the world for tests?
    Are we to die first until another comes along as all our history ha sshown torture, degregation and slaughter in the name of purity and love.

    What makes a man his deeds or his soul?

    Have you not read the Book of Enoch and The Fool?

    When Jesus ran away from the fool as his follows asked why he was running?

    Jesus replied that he was running away from the fool.

    By which his followers asked:- "Though art the Christ by which if you say 'do that ' and it is done...heal the sick and they will be healed and to breath upon the dead and they shall rise?"

    Jesus replied:- "It is true that I can do all these things....but I can breath upon the fool a thousand times and ....behold...The Fool! That is why Ia m running away from him!"

    John...have you not also heard the biblical saying that the poor you will have always?
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  17. john4564

    john4564 Noble

    Ok, New Agers' worldview and usual mistakes. For them, everyone is Christ once evolved enough as today's human (few thousands according to you below, those of the New Age unformed sect), or part of him when one tries to downplay the effects of the people's reactions.

    First, the historicity of Jesus Christ has been proved to be true. What is discussed is his real teachings (or rather the interpretations of his teachings). I inferred his teachings once I discovered the fulfillement in history of his own prophecies. So, I have proofs.

    Second, you use the main Bible figure - Christ - to claim your connection to him, but you deny the Bible to be a relevant source.

    Third, you state something totally wrong (the Bible says that Christ is the Father) for there are tens of occurrences proving the opposite (but if I show them you will say that the Bible is wrong, or changed, or whatever fits your worldview), provided that Christ comes from Christos, a Greek word that means “the anointed one,” or “the chosen one.” But in the context of the Bible:

    What Does Christ Mean? |

    The Hebrew word meaning the same thing is Mashiach, or as we know it—Messiah. So Christ is really more a title than it is a name, although the Bible uses it both ways. For example, the Bible often refers to Jesus by name as “Jesus Christ,” just as we do in modern usage (see Matthew 1:1, 18; Mark 1:1; John 1:17; 17:3; Acts 3:6; Romans 3:24, etc.).

    But it also speaks of Jesus as “the Christ,” meaning “the anointed one,” the Messiah.

    Fourth, you quote the Bible, that you believe to be tailored (that is dishonest and contradictory), cherry-picking verses out of their context. But look when the question you cited is used:

    Matthew 16:13-17 When Jesus came to the region of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, “Who do people say the Son of Man is?” They replied, “Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, Jeremiah or one of the prophets.” “But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?” Simon Peter answered, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.[not A son]

    Jesus replied, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by my Father in heaven.

    You see Christ - Son of Man and Son of God (as seen in many other verses) - is ONE UNIQUE BEING different from the Father, even if he is in the Father and the Father in him:

    John 14:10
    Don’t you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me? The words I say to you I do not speak on my own authority. Rather, it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work.

    He doesn't say in everyone but HIM!

    Here is the Son of God, Jesus Christ, the Messiah:

    BibleGateway - Keyword Search: son of god

    So, the New Age sect is but a bunch of illiterate and/or liars and/or people with mental disorders. Your pick.

    Well, you really made believe that YOU DID IT (the hurricane's trajectory change) yourself with your finger:

    So, two solutions. You don't honestly know what you are talking about when you say to be 'THE Christ', as showed above when I quoted the Bible, whatever you believe your higher self is. Or, you have a mental disorder. In BOTH CASES, you are in great danger of self-destruction.

    But now, you step back and say that you didn't do it yourself but the 'gods':

    'Moving a hurricane is the work of the gods...'

    Like your statement about your power to see the future AND not being able to see the future (being denied), I can say again: What version is the good one? You see how it looks like? How can people trust you?

    But as if I would constitute a danger for your demontration you add this suggestive threat:

    and if you [George] can win favour with the gods and they are insulted [by your opponents] [me] will know why.

    All the people have a connection with the past through reincarnation. The older souls have connections with old places such as those you cite. Does this make them better people? Some people have walked the way...the right way. Some have not.

    Why would you need to prove yourself through a series of discussions with others, sending them hurricanes or accidents? Rather follow my method. We note everything that has some interest with Eve in our daily life since years. We get our proofs (+200 contacts, visions and dreams) of our abilities, and we don't need to threaten anyone nor to say the world how great we are.

    That is why my work here is focused on the Bible prophecies...which are NOT MINE!
  18. john4564

    john4564 Noble

    THAT is very interesting!

    Did you feel the presence of someone or something?
  19. john4564

    john4564 Noble

    YOU said 1) you cannot see the future, then 2) you can see the future. What is the good version?

    I don't look for respect, otherwise I wouldn't come here...nor in many places. I have been crucified since years, but not physically. I don't come here to convince people now (people will be convinced once gone), but to let a trace for the future readers to discover what I wrote, with new eyes, like Jesus Christ did with the 12 disciples who, THEN, spread his message.

    But I can undertand that YOU feel sad with people's reactions. This is your own learning curve to something new to come. A new understanding, a new worldview.

    There are many confusions in your head. There is a time for everything. A time for hardships and prove you're worthy enough. And a time for salvation and divine joy...if you were worthy enough. You can not skip a step.

    It is because you didn't understand this that you think he failed. You failed, not him. Remember: repent and be faithful.

    Could you provide the book, chapter and verses numbers of your 'quotes' please?
  20. Shadowprophet

    Shadowprophet Truthiness

    This place has a personality, But, If you truly got to know some of the people here beyond this topic, you would find this is the best community out there hands down.

    I promise. It's literally spilling over with some of the most respectful people online. One couldn't hope to find a better community.
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