Trump, What's up with This Dude?



POLITICO Playbook: Donald Trump's Senate field flounders​

08/18/2022 06:19 AM EDT

Twelve weeks before the midterm elections, Republicans’ hopes of retaking the Senate rest on a slate of DONALD TRUMP's hand-picked nominees. And, across the board, they appear to be struggling.

In Pennsylvania, a ferocious Democratic campaign to paint MEHMET OZ as an out-of-touch carpetbagger has left him trailing in multiple polls. HERSCHEL WALKER may be a Georgia Bulldogs legend, but key voters appear to be doubting him after a series of gaffes and abuse allegations. The backing of Silicon Valley titan PETER THIEL hasn't yet been enough to sell BLAKE MASTERS' sharp-edged conservatism to Arizona voters.

And in an eyebrow-raising new survey, the respected Marquette University Law School poll finds incumbent Sen. RON JOHNSON (R-Wis.) trailing his Democratic opponent MANDELA BARNES by 7 points.

Yes, it's still early. Yes, Democrats have been on a bit of a winning streak lately. And, yes, plenty is going to change before Nov. 8. But with only one competitive state (New Hampshire) yet to select its Senate nominee, the picture is clear: Democrats across the country are finding ways to run ahead — sometimes well ahead — of President JOE BIDEN's approval ratings.

Candidates like Barnes, JOHN FETTERMAN, Sen. RAPHAEL WARNOCK, Sen. MARK KELLY and others are being buoyed by an improving political environment for Democrats. Since May, Democrats have held a consistent generic-ballot advantage in the POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, with our latest survey pegging a 4-point lead........"




West Central Tribune

Editorial cartoon for Aug. 11, 2022 - West Central Tribune​

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Don Landgren cartoon on President Donald Trump and former Secretary of Defense James Mattis.


"Which party is the most historically crooked, the Democratic Party or the Republican Party? How many indictments and convictions have each of them had in every administration since WWII?

Guy Campbell
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Dennis Muzza
, Have followed US politics as a spectator sport since the 80sAuthor has 8.3K answers and 22.9M answer views4y

Our score so far: Republicans 89, Democrats 1

According to Mother Jones here, in the past 50 years the score is 89–1 to the bent Republicans. In the next few months that number will rise.
There will be numerous answers below that point out the criminal history of Obama and both Clintons. Those answers will be wrong.
While the Republicans like to spend hundreds of millions of dollars looking for crimes in Democrat administrations, they don’t have much success.
They do it because their own governments are so relentlessly and predictably corrupt, and so regularly end in criminal indictments, that they feel it’s only fair if the Dems go to jail too.
But the truth is the Democrats just aren’t as bent as the Republicans, and the current administration {Trumps},
rotten to the core and rife with corruption, is the pinnacle of Republican achievement in sleaze."




The left needs the right and vise versa in order to maintain checks and balances...Without one or the other, the result is madness and suffering for the people...
Sure, and who is the leader of trying to end this? Donald Trump and Trumpism - "If I didn't win the election it was rigged"

And how many Republicans running in the current upcoming elections are espousing this same philosophy and continuing the "Big Lie" that trump won in 2020.

Remember, I was one of Trumps biggest supporters in 2016 and looked at the Clintons, Bill and Hillary, as corrupt

In fact way back in the '90s some talk radio guests were espousing the theory that Bill Clinton would never quit and would figure a way to stay in power - This did not happen - But it did happen with Trump.

So say what you want about Biden and Liberals and I and others might sometimes agree, But Trump, in my opinion has turned the Republican Party into a RICO {Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization}!

The Republicans were once represented by a certain true Conservative ideology - No longer.

Today I see Republican as Machiavellians who want power for its own sake no principles,
except maybe to protect unborn babies so women will be forced to have children they don't want.

Of course this is logical - with no gun control and more gun deaths all the time you need as many babies
as possible to make up the difference.

See why Evangelicals are mostly Republicans?

I am registered as an Independent and want to stay that way
- But you can bet in the upcoming elections I will vote Democratic, not because I support the Dems,
I will vote Democratic as a protest against the opposition that, with Trump has raised corruption
to a new, and very dangerous level.



Mary Trump: Everything Donald Has Done Is A 'Prelude To Worse Things To Come'​

Oct 4, 2022


Author and niece of the former president Mary Trump discusses with Nicolle Wallace why she thinks her uncle kept classified documents at Mar-a-Lago and why she fears a second term.



In Racial Comment, Trump Attacks ‘China-Loving’ Elaine Chao​

Rafu Staff Report
In his latest attack on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, former President Donald Trump also used racially charged language to describe McConnell’s wife, former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.
In a Sept. 30 post on his social media platform, Truth Social, Trump criticized McConnell for approving “Trillions of Dollars worth of Democrat sponsored Bills … because he hates Donald J. Trump” or because he “believes in the Fake and Highly Destructive Green New Deal.”
Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao in 2013. (AP file photo)

Trump wrote, “In any event, either reason is unacceptable. He has a DEATH WISH.”
The former president then said, “Must immediately seek help and advise [sic] from his China loving wife, Coco Chow!”
Chao resigned as transportation secretary after the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol, saying, “It has deeply troubled me in a way that I simply cannot set aside.” McConnell, while not a supporter of the Green New Deal, does support a bipartisan bill to reform the Electoral Count Act by changing the way Congress counts electoral votes and making it more difficult to challenge state-certified election results.
Trump’s comment about Chao, who served in his Cabinet from 2017 to 2021 and was secretary of labor under President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2009, has been denounced as racist and misguided............."




Oct 04, 2022 | ISBN 9780593297346

“A uniquely illuminating portrait…Haberman’s contribution in Confidence Man [is] much larger than its arresting anecdotes. Later generations of historians will puzzle over Trump’s rise to national power. The best of them will have learned from Haberman’s book that none of it would have been possible but for a social, cultural, political, media and moral breakdown that overtook New York beginning in the 1970s, a fiasco of trusted institutions that, having allowed the Trumpian virus to grow, failed at every step to contain its spread, then profited from, aided and even cheered its devastation.” — Sean Wilentz, The Washington Post


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Since TDS seems to be all the rage with some folk I've decided to put Trump related posts here to keep the political thread clear for actual political discussion...



I almost never talk about Trump. And I didn't vote for him either time. The dude is rude and crude. But I do want to know the answer to this question? Is Biden preferable?

And I'm not thinking in terms of who's the lesser of two evils. Maybe my memory is off, but it seems things have gotten significantly worse since Biden became President, with respect to both domestic and foreign affairs. With respect to myriads of cultural and social things - what to speak of crime and the non-enforcement of law - things seem noticeably worse.

Obviously, Biden alone is not the problem, but under his "moral leadership" others have been empowered to screw things up more and more.

How bad were things under Trump, leaving aside endless railing against him by media, politicians, intelligentsia, and social media?
Maybe someone can make me feel better about Biden and how things are now.

Dejan Corovic

As above, so bellow
:) This thread should be renamed into: "Trump, What's Up with This Dude?"

Anyways, I'm just watching from across the pond, and although I'm not a fan of Trump's policies I might be called Trump's fan.

But one thing, from across the pond, looks very odd.

It seems that US Judaical system is throwing one legal accusation after another at Trump and they are all, one by one, turning into nothing. It kind of looks like establishment is trying to get rid of him, or at least ruin his reputation. Like there is really some hidden agenda.


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Trump is 'livid and screaming at everybody' this morning after lackluster midterms results: Republicans turn on ex-President and say it's 'time to move on' as they throw weight behind triumphant DeSantis for 2024

Donald Trump is 'livid' and 'screaming at everybody' this morning after a lackluster performance by Republicans in the midterms, with many Republicans saying it's 'time to move on' from the controversial former president and instead throw all of the party's weight behind triumphant Ron DeSantis for a 2024 White House run. CNN's Jim Acosta cites an unnamed Trump adviser who described the tantrum on Wednesday morning as more results trickled in. The House and Senate both still hang in the balance today despite the promised 'red tsunami' of Republican support. For Trump, who endorsed 330 candidates, the midterms were supposed to be an amuse-bouche before a 2024 Presidential run. But overnight, many of his chosen candidates crashed and burned while candidates who defied him - like DeSantis and Brian Kemp in Georgia - stormed to victory. Cautious while the remaining results trickle in, Republicans launched a stinging post-mortem on Wednesday morning. Many blamed the underwhelming performance on poor candidate quality - and said Trump, with his army of mavericks, is at fault.

Will Republicans dump Trump after his endorsed candidates lose?



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I'm quite worried that if Trump and his "mavericks" won it would mean the end of democracy in US.
Don't believe that propaganda and lies...