UFO Jesus

Todd Feinman

Forget the transporter Scotty..Full phaser spread!
The Senate Intel Committee ought to get Avril Haines and others to testify under oath about what they know about UFOs. The witnesses that will come forward in the next hearing sound like they will really rock the boat, and that will fly in the face of what the military has said they know about UFOs. They are attempting to reset the situation back to 1952 --when Samford made his statement about UFOs, claiming that they were still attempting to explain a number of sightings by credible observers of incredible things. That's what they now call the "basket" of anomalies. The problem is that after the military had been claiming that they had no more interest in the phenomenon, we are now having public hearings and whistleblowers are coming forward. And they admit they have good footage and sensor data that they won't share with the public. That would clear it up. But they don't want it cleared up. Because they already know what it is not, and do know what it is, but they won't provide proof because it would jeopardize national security! They of course know that real UFOs are not Chinese or Russian devices, or groups like AATIP and others wouldn't be allowed to waste taxpayer money when all it would take to shut AARO and NASA's investigations down would be a call from Avril Haines saying no need, we know that this is an earthly technology, from, say, China. And case closed, UFO skeptics win, our adversaries are apparently capable of doing anything they want with impunity with revolutionary technologies --which doesn't really seem to be the case, does it? So the military has footage and data they won't share and they can't attribute it to a foreign power, but it would jeopardize national security if released... Hmmm.... I wonder what it could be?? :eek: