UFOnauts: Trace Evidence, EM & Other Effects


As Above So Below
Physical Trace Recently Found Near Denver, North Carolina Resembles Those Found On Manitoulin Island - 11 years before!


Photos 1 and 2 show both circles individually. Note the central mound of gravel and sand. There is also evidence of rainfall, as indicated by the dry mud seen on the surface of the limestone at the edge of the circles.


Photos 3 & 4 show both circles, side by side. Note the man and the vehicle in the photographs, giving us an idea of the scale of the two doughnut-shaped indentations.


A truck ran over the unusual circle in the gravel before this picture was taken... indentation in the ground was about 3/4" deep with no visible sign of its cause.

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As Above So Below
On This Day 1952, a cigar shaped UFO along with 30 red orbs was reported by the citizens of Oloron-Sainte-Marie, France. The orbs seemed to discharge steam, and left strands of silky material that dissolved within an hour (a phenomena known as Angel Hair) in their wake.



In the summer of 2011, when alien research had started for me, the first my confessor, who is living in the second half of my house in the village, was observing this spherical kind of alien technology. She was telling that circle was rotating around the axis in the direction of movement of this apparatus and she was feeling that it was watching her.