un adiós temporal


Stare..... They are always staring
So I just want to take the time to bid a temporary goodbye to you good folks... not that I've been a very big contributor in the first place

Some of you guys may know I had a BIG change in my lifestyle awhile back when I had a severe hemorrhagic stroke(brain bleed) when I was still on the Paracast forums and that nearly was the end of me. It will be three years ago as of this December. As can be expected there was some blowback involved in the form of a combination of Hemiparesis in the right arm which I have no use of it at all and hemiplegia in the right leg which has some limited use. As you may well imagine, it hasn't been a barrel full of monkeys cause with all this can come other cause and effect maladies such as my anxiety, which I had to get a Rx of Prozac to handle. But you just muster on. I just thank the good man above he took a pass on adding depression to my workload and most of all he cut me some slack on my mental acuteness which came roaring back to life in March 2017

So to bring it all together, I've been putting it off but I decided I gotta get this off my chest and ive got to get this whole experience on the record. It's been a driving need, a compulsion, that I cannot hold off on any longer. I do want to avoid going down the tear jerker route. I've always been a black humor type of guy and there's no reason to not go that route now. There's been a number of issues that came up and I couldn't find any answers to and thought to myself " I can't be the only person to have thought of this,or had to struggle with this " and so that is my angle as it were.

I'll probably pop in during the holidays to wish you and yours a happy holidays and if I see an interesting story that no one else posted then I'll submit it.

Most of all it's become apparent to me that since my "changes" I just haven't had the interest that I had years ago in the paranormal, when I was posting on the Paracast every friggin day. My interest in that field has dropped big time. Today I do like reading esoteric stuff like clowns and the Harlequin ( seems kinda contrived but I'm willing to go down that rabbit hole), Albert Gonzales Humanoids Facebook page and Loren Coleman's Copycat Effect and Robert Bartholomew's books but that's about it , but then I could never really get into a debate about extra planetary or inter dimensional beings.

So all the guys Nivek,Toroid and The Shadow if you'll keep the lights on and my seat warm I'll bid adieu for now, but stop by to give a shot out around the fast approaching holidays,...which for me starts tomorrow, my birthday !



As Above So Below
Happy Birthday Wade, I'm really glad you got through that ordeal and came out of it with a win and still around with us all, which we will be here...See you soon, indeed the holidays are fast approaching, in no time we will have the holiday decorations up lol...