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    Some back story, I have no qualms with People being Vegan, I've honestly thought about going Vegan myself, That's why I was there on Youtube, But there is some Vegan woman who made her career being Vegan who was filmed in a restaurant eating fish and now she is being attacked because of this. So I dropped in to express how Eating some Fish shouldn't be considered a sin worthy of losing one's career over

    Vegans Must be Legit,

    One can't go anywhere and have an opinion and not be attacked for it, Anyway, I told those Vegans, If you attack me for my lifestyle choice of eating meat, It will only depress me and make me eat more meat, True to their word. Those Vegans scattered instantly. It leaves me with the impression That Vegans really do love animals and they don't seem to be joking about this. Look My thing is this, The only thing I'm addicted to is my wife and Weed, I could give up meat, I actually love animals as much as any Vegan and I've thought about going Vegan. but it's impractical to be a Vegan, That's literally a prohibitively expensive diet choice, And Milk? There is no way I could give up Milk and Cheese.

    But truthfully, I have thought about giving up any food in which the animal was killed for it. I don't know. My Thing Is, I'm just not so into that as a life choice that I'm willing to argue about it with people. I don't understand the world today.

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