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South Park can be so funny sometimes, last season was hilarious with Caitlin Jenner and PC Principal involved..

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avoid fallout 76 it is the worst game ever!
final fantasy 14 version 1.0 and
big rigs are master pieces compared to this crap.

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The shadow knows!
the 200 dollar collector edition was supposed to have a canvas bag.fallout-76-bag.jpg
what we got was a cheap plastic trash bag!


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I found this site where you can play games from the 80's. Does anyone remember if Donkey Kong only had three levels? Galaga, 1942 & 1943 are still fun. Galaga comes with the Namco Ms.Pac-Man plug & play. A game I always liked in the arcade was Spy Hunter, but I sucked at it. The full size machine had the Knight Rider steering wheel.
Galaga - Play your favorite 1980s arcade games online. Free online classic video games.

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The shadow knows!
final fantasy 14 1.0 was so bad that the destroyed the world. and made the whole game anew and awesome!
the epic end to FF 14 1.0 a promise to the gamers!

then came heavenward the epic continuation!

then came stormblood!

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The shadow knows!
two adventures sit between quest! A white mage healer and a summoner! played by myself and Debbie!

My White mage stands on her fancy bed!


I`ve been addicted to nitro nation, a cool drag racing game for pc or android

Nitro Nation Online
Here is my fastest car a B1/race Chevelle SS LS6 it does 5.112 sec 1/8 mile, 7.801 1/4mile, 12.271 1/2mile, 20.028 mile