We have written a Code that artificially governs Viruses.

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    Earlier this year, scientists were able to crack the code that governs the self-assembly of viruses. Now, these findings can be used to create cures for illnesses that were previously untreatable. Source.We Just Created an Artificial Code That Governs Viruses

    Personal thoughts, This is interesting, With the ability to govern Viruses in this way. We can even further genetic research to a point of transhumanism, We all know that Certain viruses will actually change a genetic sequence and introduce its own code as a preservation measure. This discovery is amazing. With this discovery. Things like gene therapy will begin to match Genetic engineering in its efficiency to treat illnesses. Now, with this discovery. A person who was not engineered to have a genetic trait from birth. Could now possess that trait via a shot or even a pill form.A person who was not engineered from birth could now possess an edited active Fox Gene and live an average of 136 years. Effectively, doubling the average human lifespan,

    ( The Fox Gene, Also known as the Longevity Gene is the Gene responsible for the management of telomeres, The genetic code that tells the body when to break down and die from old age. Living to 100: New Genes for Longevity Found )

    Previously, Gene therapy was only effective as a temporary treatment and was almost never permanent. But with the ability to govern viruses. We now have a pathway to directly edit DNA, Eventually, with more time, We will perfect editing DNA, you could have any feature added or changed or edited. in your DNA And it would only take a week from contracting the edited Virus to achieve those changes.

    Anyway, Neat Stuff. SP.
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    Brunette said a discovery would potentially double our lifespan in my lifetime.... She also said a secret to imortality would be quietly implemented by only the very rich, but in the long run, be a failure, and in a few hundred years, obsoleted for more preffered and less controversial methods... But again, controlled only be the very rich at first....

    In the long run, it is beneficial to society, as wisdom due to longevity will be what prevails, and eventually the lower ranks discover improved methods and evolve beyond the 'elders' into a new species...

    That is, assuming that man does not destroy himself first...

    These are things they know from whatching other civilations evolve...

    Our pattern is similar...
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    That is a double edged sword if I have ever seen one.

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