Weird precognitive dreams?


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I recently had a zombie like dream. There were shirtless humanoid looking beings with large scars like Frankenstein. They were on the lower deck of a bridge hanging off a large monster truck looking vehicle. One was spinning a chrome plated mace and it hit someone causing a vivid blood cloud.
The mace looked similar to this one. It had four flanges around the top with at least two stepdowns. There could have been a leather strap allowing him to spin it. The blood cloud it caused when striking a person reminded me of an episode of Supernatural where a person was reduced to just blood splatter on the walls. This could be enochian/angel technology. Kent Dunn said they want to get rid of the human race to bring in the fifth root race which are beings who are half human and half demon. The guy on the truck looked like the one of the villains in the 2015 version of Mad Max.