We're getting closer to AI doctors

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    The big picture: We're getting closer to AI doctors

    A long time ago when they just started using expert systems they tried implementing an AI doctor.

    The system was better than a doctor for rare diseases but would diagnose a boot like a human and responsed to the data given (which might not be accurate or complete.

    Not surprised that this is coming.
  2. nivek

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    Yeah I can see this happening fairly quickly as the technology learns and becomes more dependable...

    Here's more from the link:

    How it works: Khosla sees a day where people will have an “AI physician to answer their questions — that will be free. Just like Google Maps is free.”

    • That could be an app on our phones. But this goes beyond Googling symptoms.
    • Imagine going to a doctor appointment or getting an MRI.
    • Your human doctor takes photos, enters notes or waits for the scan results, and then plugs everything into an AI platform.
    • You then receive a diagnosis and plan based on the results and your medical history.
    • Human doctors can’t remember every possible disease, treatment or medical article. But AI doctors can.
    • Human doctors likely would be more focused on emotional support and understanding what patients need or want.
    One step further: “AI physicians with human assist like a nurse could do as much as any primary care physician within a decade,” Khosla said.

    • And he has a pretty good track record. In 2004, he predicted we would use our phones for a lot more than just talking.
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    I remember computer software that could figure out what was wrong with a person by asking them questions. took about 5 min. to answer them all, and it was way better than a regular doctor.
    this was 15 - 20 years ago.
    then people started to ask who was liable if it was wrong, and it vanished from the market fast.
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    The biggest enemies of mankind in the US are the AMA and ABA.

    Otherwise you could get free medical and legal advice.

    Doctors are really lousy at diagnosing diseases they don't see often and call them something they are familiar with.

    Autodoc would be a lot better for most people.
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  5. humanoidlord

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    bad idea, a doctor is a job that needs more emotion than rationalism
    its already risky being operated by a human, but a machine....

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