Wet Yanket

Todd Feinman

Show us the satellite pics...
You'd come to the same conclusions yourself ---If...

1. You automatically assume decades worth of witnesses, some who had seen UFOs up close, some who had watched them along with others through binoculars, telescopes, theodolites, and from missile observation stations, had tried to intercept them and obtained visuals while they were tracked on radar, had seen them with hundreds of others during mass sightings, were all mistaken, and shouldn't be considered.
2. All UFO photos are hoaxes or misidentified mundane objects (regardless again of witness testimony). because, a priori, UFOs cannot exist.
3. You ate the spoon-fed tripe from the government and relied on the worst footage and data leaked out of the government to judge the reality of a decades-old phenomena --even when the military admits that they have top secret footage, etc. that is classified and they won't release it, even though members of Congress got to see longer clearer videos.
4. You believe that all of the folks who have seen the secret files or who have security clearances must all be wrong when the say that UFOs are real unknowns and could be evidence of some other kind of life.

But you'd also be very wrong.