When it Happens.


I understand that many of you may be reserved in expressing your enthusiasm, given the numerous occasions in which we have come tantalizingly close to uncovering the truth about extraterrestrial life, only to have our hopes dashed. It seems that we are all anticipating a grand spectacle, wherein the government unveils a comedic figure like Carrot Top, donning a spandex suit, leading to a collective uproarious laughter.

Nevertheless, the recent events in the news appear to align remarkably well with what ufology has been asserting for decades. The mere fact that high-ranking government officials are now openly acknowledging the existence of extraterrestrial craft and bodies is both astounding and invigorating. We find ourselves eagerly waiting to witness the unfolding of this captivating narrative.

In light of these developments, I pose a series of questions to all of you: What if the reality of extraterrestrial presence is truly upon us? What if the time has come for such momentous revelations? What if these entities are indeed intelligent beings? How will this profound revelation personally impact each of you? Imagine awakening to an irrefutable truth, one that leaves no room for doubt. How will your life be transformed by this newfound awareness?

If it were to transpire that the long-kept secret is finally disclosed, and this revelation fails to resonate with you or significantly impact your life, then I am deeply intrigued by your unique experiences and perspectives. I would be genuinely interested to delve further into the reasons why this earth-shattering cover-up narrative seems to leave you unaffected.


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reserved in expressing your enthusiasm

With good reason, there have been a few 'this is it' moments in the past. Add to that the fact that unfortunately the very interesting developments as of late come at a time when my trust for media sources and government anything is at an all time low.

Personally, I'm still blown away by James Webb and flybys of Pluto and helicopters on Mars - the change within my lifetime along those lines has been impressive. Yet, many take it with a grain of salt either out of disinterest or having been steeped their entire lifetimes in entertainment that's difficult to discern from reality.

I can't help but wonder what if it really is ET finally, what if ET doesn't interact with us much and after the big headlines we're back to business as usual
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Rick Hunter

Thing is, we don't really need government or military to tell us what we already know, now do we? I like the fact that more people in high places are talking about it openly, this is at least evidence that the former deny and suppress at all costs paradigm may finally be coming down. Yet, all or most of us already believe and every poll I've seen indicates that the general public comes more and more to believe as years and decades go by. I have never seen a UFO or alien and I don't personally know anyone that has. But I do study History, and have two unprofitable college degrees to show for it. We inhabitants of Planet Earth have always been visited by intelligent entities from other places. We explain them and assign meaning based on the places, cultures, and times in which we live. Gods, demons, angels, fae, sprites, goblins, Teihiihan, Maruts, saints, and so on. Western society today mostly views them as advanced species and civilizations from other places far away in space, an explanation which clearly comes from science and technology of our world today. Many people are coming to believe the visitors are from other planes of existence entirely, a notion undergirded by the incredible advancements in physics.

I myself believe that religions are based on experiences with visitors from other planes of existence. This notion is the one thing which unites all religious beliefs that I have studied. I am a Christian, and all of our early sacred texts tell an unfolding story of encounters with and instruction from the otherworldly entities which created us and guide us, as well as those entities that wish to do us harm and lead us astray. I'm currently reading about ascetic practices in early Christianity, which were done in order to achieve intimacy with, and receive instruction from, God. I don't think it's a stretch to say these early church fathers were looking to connect with visitors from other planes.