Will Coronavirus Tensions Cause WW3?


Okay, I didn't want to Clog up any of the other Threads with this, But this is a tumultuous Topic.

as we have all seen in the News, Tensions Toward China are Escalating in the Midst of this Pandemic.
Even Australia, The Most peaceful and Beautiful place on Earth Is throwing Shade at China Right now,

Don't get me wrong, I Just Didn't know Australia knew how to throw shade.

In other news, China has fired back Blaming The U.S for the Creation and spread of the Coronavirus.

The Stress of this Virus is Evident everywhere, Even in conversations daily with friends, We have all been through the paces and many of us are having difficulties dealing with the stress of this global chaos.

Trump Blames China for coronavirus​

Chinese Foreign Ministry sternly rebukes Trump's tweet calling coronavirus 'Chinese Virus'

One Constant fear people place on their back burners is the possibility of a world war involving China, The Question at hand is clear. Tensions are rising, Even before this pandemic, Foreign relations were strained with China. And Amid the Pandemic, they are clearly evident. So, What do you guys think? Could The Coronavirus Be the Spark That Lights the Flame that will be Ww3?

Consider, Many people are dying as we speak, there are great sorrow and Fear globally, And To be Truthful. This pandemic Literally Pales 911 in its Scale and ferocity, People Function Psychologically on their baser instincts. After this Pandemic is over, People are going to want a whipping boy, Weather it's truly who is at a fault. The will of the people for the suffering and death will demand a price paid in blood,

The Question is Simple, Is this what the Origins of ww3 look like? What do you think?


As Above So Below
Did coronavirus leak from a research lab in Wuhan? Startling new theory is 'no longer being discounted' amid claims staff 'got infected after being sprayed with blood'

Ministers fear that the coronavirus pandemic might have been caused by a leak from a Chinese laboratory, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. Senior Government sources say that while 'the balance of scientific advice' is still that the deadly virus was first transmitted to humans from a live animal market in Wuhan, a leak from a laboratory in the Chinese city is 'no longer being discounted'.

One member of Cobra, the emergency committee led by Boris Johnson, said last night that while the latest intelligence did not dispute the virus was 'zoonotic' – originating in animals – it did not rule out that the virus first spread to humans after leaking from a Wuhan laboratory.

The member of Cobra, which receives detailed classified briefings from the security services, said: 'There is a credible alternative view [to the zoonotic theory] based on the nature of the virus. Perhaps it is no coincidence that there is that laboratory in Wuhan. It is not discounted.'Wuhan is home to the Institute of Virology, the most advanced laboratory of its type on the Chinese mainland.

The £30million institute, based ten miles from the infamous wildlife market, is supposed to be one of the most secure virology units in the world. The state-run People's Daily newspaper said in 2018 that it was 'capable of conducting experiments with highly pathogenic microorganisms' such as the deadly Ebola virus.

Scientists at the institute were the first to suggest that the virus's genome was 96 per cent similar to one commonly found in bats. But despite its reputation for high security, there have been unverified local reports that workers at the institute became infected after being sprayed by blood, and then carried the infection into the local population.

A second institute in the city, the Wuhan Centre for Disease Control – which is barely three miles from the market – is also believed to have carried out experiments on animals such as bats to examine the transmission of corona viruses.

American biosecurity expert Professor Richard Ebright, of Rutgers University's Waksman Institute of Microbiology, New Jersey, said that while the evidence suggests Covid-19 was not created in one of the Wuhan laboratories, it could easily have with her own life' that the outbreak was not related to the lab. Despite the denials, Beijing has issued new laws that call for the improved management of viruses and for facilities to ensure 'biological safety'.

In 2004, a leak from a Chinese laboratory led to an outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars), killing one person and infecting nine others. The Chinese government said the leak was a result of negligence and five senior officials at the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention were punished.

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