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I thought of starting a thread on the topic of strange humanoid reports that are possibly non-alien...Here below is a short video covering three reports, the wasp man report I heard before but not the other two...

“Strange Humanoids: Fox Man, Wasp Man, Penguin Man”



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Invisible Sprinting Humanoids

Working as a police motorway patrol-woman in Portsmouth, England, I'm frequently confronted with situations that are both bizarre and unnerving. However, the incident that occurred on the 25th of November last year is by far the most unusual of them all. During a routine speed camera set up in the city, around 6.30 pm (at which time it was completely dark,) our speed trap picked up random tracings of nonexistent objects hurtling past at 30 to 40 mph.

The devices are not actually known to malfunction, so we trained the camera on the road surface to see what we picked up. Sitting in the back of the patrol van, we were shocked to discover on the screen that the camera was picking up what can only be described as human figures, running up and down the street approximately 40 ft away from the vehicle, only barely visible through the night vision filter. They were of average height, had a silvery hue, and were sprinting up and down the central reservation (the dividing surface between two opposite lanes on a motorway) repeatedly, and very fast.

I admit I did not exit the vehicle to investigate, but apparently I didn't have to. Only about 10 feet away, at the side of the road, one of these silvery entities just appeared on the screen. Female, approximately 6 foot, and standing motionless facing away from the van. She was dressed in scantily clad clothing, not unlike that a young woman on an evening out may wear. I was extremely freaked out, especially considering that leaning out of the window, there was absolutely no evidence of anyone standing that close to the vehicle. As the first vehicle only five minutes from the first sighting drove past, all visible evidence of the entities had vanished. Nothing occurred from that time till the end of my duty at 9 p.m., and yet, when I played back the footage from the camera, the silvery objects and the woman are not on the tape!

Obviously, I did not report the incident, but friends and fellow officers agree that it is highly unusual, and none of them had experienced anything of the like before.

— Cassandra J.



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Predator-Like Humanoid Encounter in California

To whom it may concern,

I was going to use your report a sighting but I prefer to tell the
story this way. The story I am about to tell is from my parents that have
told it to me several times. I am their son Adam, in my 30’s and currently
weighing my options. My father is retired now and my mother occupation I do
not wish to disclosed at this time. My mother is in her 60’s and father is
in his 70’s now. My father use to work for Boeing, he use to work on the
737’s drilling holes, installation of seats, trays, etc. He also worked on
a C17 at one time. He also use to be a truck driver before retiring. Any
who, on with the story.

The house we lived in was a rental before it went up for sale. The area
was a residential street but very calm not many cars drive through it and
everyone usually stayed in doors or was at work. Not very much activity in
our neighborhood. We moved in about 1997 and we moved out sometime in 2011. Due to personal reasons. There was a pine tree in the front yard and a row of bushes on the opposite side of the drive way across from the pine tree. The bushes went along down to the curb before we cut them down. And they were about 6 feet tall and they had a sort of path way between them which was a little dense.

It was the year 2000 around 6 p.m. possibly on a Saturday, date and month
unknown. My dad was working on the side of our house boring holes for
anchors too install a new gate for the old one was just falling apart. My
mother came out of our house to see how my father was doing and to check on his progress. As she came out she thought she saw something move from the side of our garage in front of the pine tree to go across our drive way.
She blew it off and proceeded around the cars and to the side of the house
where my father was. My father was drilling the holes but my mother got his attention. He was in a crouched position and as he turned around to his
right he noticed something strange from his peripheral vision. But then he
completely turned around and then for about 3-4 seconds he saw something
move, then push apart the bushes, then saw bushes swaying and it was gone.

My fathers immediate reaction was… “What the…What’s that!? Did you see
that!?” He asked my mother if she had seen what he had saw. But then
settled himself down because he thought my mother would think his just
being crazy. And she would just tease him about it later. See my father is
more opened minded and inclined to the supernatural stuff, UFO’s(Which
we’ve seen plenty of times), Bigfoot, etc. As my mother is more of a
skeptic when it comes to those kind of things and just sorta doesn’t want
anything to do with it.

My father just tried to shrug it off before my mother could start teasing
him but she confirmed she had seen what he saw. She pushed him to go see
what it was and if it was gone. He checked for footprints and to see if he
saw anyone but came up with nothing.

“It was tall but it was hunched over, it was like a bubble of water around
it. I don’t know it was weird. It moved so fast but it moved as if it was
gliding, swoosh!” my mother has told me.

“It was like you’re looking at something but your eye’s cannot adjust.
You’re looking and it’s blurring the view point you’re trying to focus on
to see past it. It was like something was there but you couldn’t tell if it
was your eyes or what. It was like the predator, you know when he goes
invisible.” my father said.

We’ve talked about this several times, my mother doesn’t even want to think about it anymore. And my dad just wonders as much as I do. What did it
want? How long was it watching them? Where did it come from? Where did it go?



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Black Humanoid Sighting In Camp Tommy

This happened about 8 years ago. I was 21 and working as a camp counselor for Camp Tommy in fishkill NY. This was a place where its basically a bunch of cabins in the woods on top of a mountain. The cabins are all like half a mile apart from each other, so you’re pretty isolated in the woods.

One night at about 1am I was sneaking off to meet my camp GF (you’re supposed to stay in your cabins after 10pm) as was usual, and was cutting through some woods to get her to cabin.

Suddenly I heard rustling in the woods, and stopped to investigate it. There are bears/other animals so I was expecting something like that. This 3 foot humanoid type thing suddenly jumps out of the bushes spooked and looks at me. It’s too dark for me to make out any of its features, other than it was standing on 2 feet, had 2 arms, and basically looked just like a miniature person without any features (just looked solid black, if it had clothes on, I would have been able to notice that).

I was really curious what it was so I started walking towards it, and it must have got more spooked because it bolted back into the woods. I’ll never forget how mechanical it looked as it took off running too. It’s whole body basically shifted 90 degrees (like if someone was doing the robot dance) and it just took off. I have never seen anything on 2 legs run that quickly so I was pretty confused about what it was. I’m a pretty fast runner and fit person in general, but this thing was on another level of fast.

As much as I try to make sense of it, I still to this day have no idea wtf it was. It was very human, but too short to be a human (3 feet tall is about accurate) and i really don’t know how a human could run that fast anyways. I have no freakin idea but it’s always bugged me! Maybe one day I will go back to try and find this creature again!



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Humanoid Creature in Romanian Zoo"



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You only get to see it for a few seconds. You can't really tell if it's a strange creature or someone wearing a suit to generate revenue. It appeared it was preforming for the spectators. :huh8:

Yeah there isn't much to go on here, but the outside chance its something substantial I thought it may be good to post...

Good thread there are many cases of strange humanoid sightings like this one from Russia in January 2000. A lady traveling by train in St. Petersburg related that all the other passengers abruptly became immobile, frozen in abnormal positions, the lights became more muted, and all noise died away. Looking around she saw an enormous humanoid with a violet face and glowing red eyes. As the train stopped at a station the humanoid simply vanished, and everything became ordinary again. Then another report, from October 2000, happened in the Ukraine. A man walking home down a dark alleyway observed a previously unrecognised long fence down both sides of it, and he became fearful at finding himself in total darkness and silence. After walking for some hours he turned a bend and came upon a small, totally stationary, being, with brilliant red eyes, which looked like a dwarf. This entity had small legs and hands, but an extended body, aged skin, big ears, a bent nose, and wet-looking teeth. The man started to run away and swore he could hear footsteps following him. Eventually he reached the end of the alleyway and emerged onto the street, where everything became normal again.


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More concerning invisible humanoids:

Invisible Humanoid Being - Photographed

Mrs. Janette Villa Torres, married, with a high school degree and considered a trustworthy person at her place of employment, since she works as a municipal official in downtown Angol (9th Region), never imagined she would manage to photograph what we are showing to our readers.

Her intention was to take a photo of the Moon and the planet Venus, which shone in the heavens on 7 November at 21:30 hours. Mrs. Janette was in the back yard of her home and used her 16.7 pixel Samsung digital camera for this purpose. There was nothing particularly unusual about her surroundings. She even remarked to researcher Raul Gajardo Lepold that there is neither public nor private lighting in this part of her house. She did, however, noticed a sort of spark or noise in the flash at the moment the photo was taken, which we mention for purposes of subsequent analyses. The distance separating her from the shrubs appearing in the photo is some four meters, and their height is also close to four meters.

Upon seeing the image recovered from the device, she rightly astonished to see a transparent entity with light sources in its body over to the right hand side of the photograph. There was no doubt about it: the silhouette of a person with a very clearly defined outline (arms, head and back) could be seen at first sight. All indications are that the being had its back toward the camera and in a diagonal direction (45 degrees)



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This mysterious 'human-shaped' object was filmed flying above houses in California, and it left one onlooker asking ‘is that Jesus?'. Pablo Morales was outside his home in Burbank when the creepy humanoid came into view and floated through the area during an evening in May 2019. It glided through the air before Pablo began recording the event, the shadowy figure begins to land before it is lost behind the nearby houses. What is more interesting is that this video was filmed near an airport, meaning that no drones or flying objects are permitted to fly in the airspace.



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ACEH, INDONESIA — Incredible video captured in a remote corner of Indonesia’s Aceh province appears to show a tiny human-like creature carrying a spear, running out of the forest as it flees a group of trail bike riders.



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Jaye P. Paro — and the Mount Misery Photo

Readers of The Mothman Prophecies may remember Jaye P. Paro, a radio personality at the Long Island station WBAB. There is much on her in Chapter 15; she met the curious “Princess Moon Owl,” and had an “unnerving experience” with a man in a black Cadillac.

Ms. Paro also appears in Strange Creatures, in Chapter 10. John describes some of the folklore and creature sightings on Mount Misery, in Long Island; and mentions that she and a couple of her friends saw “something that resembled a human, disfigured face, long wild black hair, and dressed in a long black garment.” John adds that they took a picture of this creepy character. A Googling tells me that some people out there are curious about this photo, so I’ll post it here. It’s none too impressive; it looks, as John says, like “a dark blob.” But here it is; you can see for yourself.



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PHOENIX - A creepy picture that some say appears to show a “demon” or an “angel” has gone viral on Facebook.

The images, posted by Richard Christianson, have been shared over 60,000 times as Facebook users argue in the comment section over various interpretations of the photos.

The pictures show a large dark figure, which appears to have a head with spikes on top and broad wings, standing taller than a nearby home.

I saw this a couple of years ago and heard an explanation. The increasing schumann resonance is/was pushing beings to the surface.


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A Flying Humanoid – And It Wasn’t Mothman

A mysterious, winged entity equipped with a pair of glowing, red eyes, the Mothman of Point Pleasant, West Virginia is undoubtedly the most infamous of all the many and varied sky-beasts that have made a name for themselves within the annals of cyptozoology and monster-hunting. Its mid-1960s manifestations ominously coincided with a massive wave of UFO incidents, encounters with the dreaded Men in Black, and a whole range of high-strangeness of a mind-boggling nature – all of which chose to descend upon the unfortunate city, and the people too, of Point Pleasant.

The bizarre series of events came to an absolute climax on December 15, 1967, when the city’s Silver Bridge that crossed the Ohio River and connected Point Pleasant to Gallipolis, Ohio, broke away from its moorings and plunged into the river, tragically taking with it nearly fifty lives. Although a down to earth explanation was most definitely in evidence – that a problem with a single eye-bar in a suspension chain was to blame – many took the view, and still to this day continue to take the view, that the Mothman was behind it all. Or, perhaps was trying to warn the people of the area of the impending doom that loomed large. But what of latter day times: do such similar things still fly and terrorize? Maybe so and, perhaps, even outside of the United States, too.


The Mothman statue

What was without any shadow of a doubt the strangest of all stories of an unidentified flying entity seen in the skies of England surfaced on February 19, 2009. Mike Lockley, then the editor of the now-closed Chase Post newspaper – which covered the Staffordshire, England town of Cannock – stated that nothing less than a flying man-thing had been seen soaring over and around the nearby Cannock Chase woods! Before we get to the heart of the strange saga, it’s worth noting that the Cannock Chase, a large area of heath-land and forest, has been a veritable hotbed of high-strangeness of a monstrous kind for decades. Sightings of large, black cats with glowing eyes, spectral black hounds, Bigfoot-type beasts, werewolf-style entities, and even what are described as giant snakes have been seen deep in the heart of the Cannock Chase. In that sense, the flying monster-man of the Cannock Chase was just the latest in a long line of bizarre creatures to surface in, and above, those dense and mysterious woods. And, now, with that said, back to the story.

“Five locals have contacted the Post after witnessing the figure traveling, seemingly unaided, over houses at around 11am on Sunday, February 8. One described it as a ‘Superman’ moment – a clear case of ‘to Chadsmoor and beyond,’” said the newspaper. Mike Lockley added: “But eagle-eyed Boney Hay villager Clive Wright believes those who reckon they witnessed something supernatural are talking a load of kryptonite. The 68-year-old, who spotted the flying man from the living room window of his Sunnymead Road home, believes the pilot was traveling with the aid of a jet pack – a strap-on engine made famous in the 1965 James Bond movie, Thunderball.

“Clive’s wife, Janet, 68, and 14-year-old grandson Nicholas also witnessed the Chase’s own rocket man. Clive said: ‘To say it was strange would be an understatement. And the bottle didn’t come into it because none of us drink. At first I was watching quite a number of seagulls and noticed what I thought was one in the middle moving quite slowly. I got up to take a closer look and realized it was a flying man. I searched the sky for the plane he had baled-out of, but could see nothing.’”

The Post additionally quoted Clive Wright as saying: “All I could see was this man traveling in a controlled, straight line, traveling from Ryecroft shops across to Gentleshaw Common. I immediately went upstairs to get my binoculars and went out on the backyard, but he was gone. Some kind of Dan Dare spaceman – that’s what it looked like. The only explanation is that he was wearing a jet pack, although I was surprised he was traveling over a densely populated area.” Whether an intrepid flyer equipped with a startlingly high-tech piece of aerial gadgetry (for that time, 2009), or something else entirely, the mystery of Staffordshire’s flying whatever-it-was remains.