Time Slips and Time Traveling?


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Thanks. What I had in mind was more of a God's p.o.v looking at the Solar System to show that Earth was at point X on August 10 1901 and at point Y on October 5 1789. I assume that when you tell your space car 'Gay Deceiver Bounce' it rewinds the clock and moves over a few million miles.

In that podcast one of the women claims they saw Marie Antionette. Of course she did, never mind the billions of faceless, nameless, unwashed masses of humanity that have truly turned the Wheel of History - she got to see a rock star. Sure. I am reminded of people who claim to channel really ancient past lives and its always Thundarr the Barbarian or a Warrior Princess, it's never some guy named Larry who ran a small cat meat shop until he caught dysentery and **** himself to death. What fun would that be?

If you like that Stellarium app I've had SkyView Lite on my phone a while, my niece turned me on to it and its free.
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Sort of related to this, I've been watching old movies.

Every generation seems to think they have achieved a fantastic level of understanding, one so great that they feel as if they have Life, The Universe and Everything all figured out based on their current level of understanding. We also have a lot of angst over creating an artificial intelligence that will subsume us, but that's another thread. Thing is, it's a moving goal post. I am very cautious to never say never, to make a flat statement that something is impossible.

In non-scientific arenas this described unsinkable ships, impregnable fortresses. As far as my understanding of empirical science goes, its supposed to constantly revise itself as new evidence is presented. Often phenomena can be recognized by some, not necessarily accepted my all and it takes a while before mainstream science catches up. Smallpox vaccinations and germ theory being two i can think of right away. Think about how many 'healers' over the course of time have killed their patients by applying what were considered to be unassailable facts.

Does that apply to time travel, life after death and likely a few other interesting topics ? Sure. There's no harm in leaving a playing card in the door, you don't have to let it close completely.

This 1000%. I keep hearing all these idiots claim that they've got everything figured out and what they're saying (selling) is the safest bet ever. Yeah, ok pal.


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Security Camera Captures Time Traveler in Florida Backyard?

A Florida homeowner believes that a security camera watching over his Airbnb rental property captured footage of a mysterious individual using his backyard shed to travel through time. The rather fantastic tale reportedly came to light on Monday when Alex Schaal took to TikTok to recount the eerie occurrence. He explained that weirdness began when the security system alerted him to an intruder on the property, which is five hours from where he lives. When Schaal checked the live feed, he saw a man wandering through the backyard and initially suspected that the stranger planned to "rob my house." However, the situation quickly took a strange turn that ultimately left the homeowner scratching his head.

Shortly after venturing into the backyard, the peculiar interloper enters a shed on the property and seemingly never emerges. When Schaal attempts to speak to the man through the security system, he receives no answer, which leads him to call the police. Cops subsequently arrive on the scene to investigate the situation, but find that there is no one in the shed, leaving Schaal to wonder what became of the stranger. The incident became all the more bewildering the following day, when the security system picked up yet another mysterious man emerging from the backyard shed.

In this instance, seen below, the individual appears to be an aged version of the original trespasser from Schaal's first video, leading him to surmise that the security system had caught a time traveler in action. The homeowner's tale and his two videos have since gone viral with many viewers agreeing with his assessment. That said, not everyone is convinced that the tale is on the level as more skeptical observers suggest that the story is simply a well-crafted hoax on Schaal's part.