Any 'Cord Cutters' Here?


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Go FIOS. Easy to get wrapped up in bandwidth numbers. Unless you’re gaming it isn’t that hellified important.


As of this morning Optimum reports that my max internet speed is now 300 Mbps, which is 200 Mbps slower than yesterday. Yet I can discern absolutely zero difference!
Could it be that the touting of broadband speeds by ISPs is somehow a scam?
Obviously, one does not usually know how fast one's internet connection is, but when using a torrent downloader, one does. Although I have had even higher than 500 Mbps max speed allocations in the past, never once did I witness a torrent download streaming at 70 Mbps, or perhaps even 60 Mbps. Generally, I'm delighted if it hits anything over 20-25.
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using a torrent downloader

I'll use my torrent downloader on my home internet service tonight and see what the average speed is downloading...Typically I'll use a Hotspot on my phone for such type downloads...I guess it would or should be about the same since my phones are T-mobile and my home internet is also T-mobile...