Censorship in Social Media


As Above So Below
Twitter is trying hard too reduce the voices and opinions the corporate controllers do not agree with...Twitter is banning or suspending accounts to people like James Woods who happens to have conservative viewpoints...This is blatant censorship, the corporations are trying to govern and change our country through their tight control over social media...People may not agree with one view or another but we have a diverse country of people, we cannot start shut down voices and opinions we do not like, that is the road to dictatorship and mob rules mentality...

Facebook, Google, and Twitter are all guilty of meddling in affairs they should not be involved in...




I know and it is ridiculous how they are getting away with this shit. You have to toss Mozilla Firefox in that group now even though they are supposedly non-profit, they are bending toward the lure of power and control.

I know how to set my security risk levels. I battle with Mozilla and chrome constantly over what they think I should be allowed to look at. Who the hell do they think they are?????

IIRC, we vetoed anyone being able to control the internet years ago. So much for voting and petitions. It appears it was all just a waste of time.

Have a look at this:

Google's change to Chrome's login has ignited debate about whether the move was sneaky

And then there is this:

TBH, after all the bullshit I had to go through and in fact still am going through to get my gmail account back, I have to admit, I didn't think Google had any employees left. Everything is computerized. Even their phone lines. I could not get a hold of a single human being and believe me I tried.

I have no experience with facebook or twitter so I really can't comment about it.


The USA government is being accused of using Mafia like strategies to control media/social media. This is a very informative and IMO, enthralling video about a few law suits that are in litigation against the US government strong arming people to do it's bidding... I know for a fact that the same thing is happening in my own country of Canada. It's even worse in Australia. I have heard that people there are afraid to say anything for fear of violence and or being locked away.

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Litigation counsel for NCLA, Jenin Younes, speaks to TSN's Sonia Elijah on her landmark lawsuit against the federal government over online censorship Jenin Younes, civil liberties litigator for New Civil Liberties Alliance is representing four private plaintiffs: Jay Bhattacharya, Martin Kulldorff, Aaron Kheriaty and Jill Hines in what will probably be known as one of the most important lawsuits ever filed, when it comes to online censorship. Bhattacharya and Kulldorff, two of the co-authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, have come under intense fire by Big Tech censors. Shockingly, legal discovery has unveiled that the likes of Twitter and Facebook, acted under the direction of the Biden administration. The sprawling spread of federal-led censorship involves multiple government agencies, such as the CDC, DHS, HHS and the NIH. A recent victory in the court proceedings was won when the judge ordered discovery from both Anthony Fauci, director of NIAID and Chief Medical Advisor to President Biden and the White House's press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.