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    Years and years ago, I was a vastly different person, My only goal was to win, To be on top when the smoke settled. That Attitude isn't entirely my fault,It was born from being pushed around and taken advantage of. I spent years trying to wash away the darkness, The bitterness, The hate.

    I can say If you seek positivity and peace for long enough, Sometimes you look up one day and find you have already had these qualities for quite some time. I can't place exactly when it happened, It was a slow change. But if there is one person I truly dislike, It's my wife's ex-husband. We have fought, Literally, fist fought, Fought in court, Fought over the phone. Recently, I found out his mother is passing away in a nursing home, at this same time His brother has stage four throat cancer and doesn't have long to live. I've heard stories from my stepdaughter at how he is losing his mind in all the stress of this.

    And In my heart, I am sad for this man, This man that has sued me twice and won both times. This man takes my wife's paycheck through garnishments. You would think I would be outside dancing in the moonlight with some form of corrupted Joy, but no, I literally feel pain for this man. I don't know why Maybe at some point I really did lose my mind, But, As long as I don't feel darkness and hate in my heart Then Maybe I won something at some point after all.


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