Future technology...your honest ideas?


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It is little doubt that our technology will progress.
Lets share ideas of what technology we will see in the near or far future and give us a little idea of how you think it would work and the need it would fulfill.

In the future, probably 500 years or so, we will discover how to scan the entire molecular structure of any item and store that data for replication.
Food, hardware, tools, clothes and literally anything can be replicated using the stored data.

Two booths side by side. One replicates, the other scans or can be used to deatomize and store the particles for use in replication.
Never any waste.
All trash and waste is put into the RDU(rapid deatomizing unit).
Huge libraries will store molecular data of all things.

A few hundred years later a similar unit will be used to do a molecular scan of someone when they are in good health as say 18 or 20 years old. decades later that data would be used to do a molecular reset of your body back to what it was when it was scanned.


When I think the future of tech, I look at the past and what we have witnessed and it's evolution and I just kind of logically progress it.

Let me lay this out on a time table, Connectivity. Like it or not. Privacy issues or not, concerns or not. Since the internet invaded everyone's lives it has creeped in as a convenience and ultimately became a necessity. Now people are connected throughout the day and the night, if not continuously 24/7. First there was the home internet, then there was the mobile internet, now there is and has been smaller and smaller connected devices.. I imagine something revolutionary , something that has the connectivity and productivity of a mobile device but extremely tiny, much like a piece of jewelry , a pendant , something you won't lose and is wearable and you don't have to constantly manage, this thing will be capable of using led laser projection for a short range to project an interactive screen on your hand or a nearby surface. It will be fully controllable and compatible with open ai and It will be water and weatherproof so you don't even have to stop using it even while in the shower. Trust me. It will happen. Sooner than you think.
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I expect computer and other electronic implants as depicted in numerous sci-fi films will become a reality. We could wind up with built-in (i.e., implanted) heads-up displays, etc.