Ghostly Footsteps

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    The reason I had placed this post where, is because I do not think that what I had experienced was supernatural .

    I am 99% sure that it was not!


    We bought a country home back in 2011 as to escape the busy city to have peace and quiet, as I had pointed out before.

    Generally, I don't like people and want to be on my own. It is a stage of life when I just want my peace and quiet. Don't get me wrong, I like socialising with people and have intelligent conversations but my days of mass friendships are over. I go to a restaurant and want to sit in a corner and drink my coffee.

    Still Ia m meant to be a trouble maker as I cannot even do that without someone throwing things about.
    Restaurants used to be a place for relaxation and to sit quietly to enjoy your drink/meal. Not any more!

    When I purchased my country home, I thought I could sit in my garden and enjoy peace.
    Instead we get screaming kids, bonfires, parties and tree cutting from a particular neighbour.
    My land was taken from me and I was told that I was selfish having too much. When I told the neighbour if he wanted land to go out and buy some I was deemed as a trouble maker and no one in the village speaks to me because i had upset the 'king-pin' of the village.

    I thought...'Good...peace and quiet!" Not so! I was told by the authorities that if I wanted peace and quiet that I should go live in a field. I thought I had?

    My life was made I got into trouble for intimidation by the police for parking my car on my land too near to his posh £60,000 car and that it embarrassed him!

    He used to take my land and smoke me out because I was told that because my clothes were dirty that I did not belong there.

    I was hardly going to do my gardening in my suit!

    Of course I got dirty...we have over one acre of land to look after.

    It got to the stage whereby we had enough! His bonfires would not stop as smoke used to fill our house with soot.

    So we took him to court and now he has certain curfews that he must abide.

    As far as we are concerned, we have had enough and put our property up for sale even though we love it so.

    We are fed up with trouble, as he has so much money that it is a constant fight for peace.

    We were dismayed to find today, that he had delivered 25 trees for chain sawing plus chopping them into logs about 25 yds from our house.



    It means that every time we have problems with him, we have to go to our solicitor costing about £300 a time. Our solicitor said he had never come across such a p*ll*ck.

    Well....we leave the house at about 3:00 am to visit my mother in the early hours to check that she had not fallen out of bed?

    In order to 'keep an eye on him' we have to watch his activity for proof of misbehaviour. So I decided to take these pictures whilst there was no one about in the early hours.

    If he cuts them whilst we are not there, I could not care a hoot as he is welcome to do so . Listening to a chain saw all day would really 'get my back up' so I decided to take the pictures just in case?

    Whilst I was doing so, there was movement in his garden about thirty yards behind me. I ignored this as I thought I may be imagining it?

    In order to stir his curiosity, he would have to get out of bed taking a good 15 minutes!!!

    No the movement was there as the footsteps continued on the pathway although I could not see anyone.

    I moved back to our Jaguar to drive back to our Nuthall via Wollaton and I could clearly hear his gate shut.

    The only logical reason is that he may be camping in his garden?

    Julie was watching as well through her wing mirror and also saw nothing.

    The interesting thing is that we have CCTV averlooking the pathway which we own and is shared. So we can keep our CCTV on it. Although he moans like hell!!! S*d him...we have the right to protect and check our property.

    The camera is just over looking his gate half way down.

    It will be interesting for me to check the CCTV.

    What the heck would he be camping in his garden???

    It is the only explanation that fits.
    I love to see what the camera shows???

    Will try and show it.

    He has all this wood for two log burners!!!

    He just cannot go out and buy logs. I pity Robert who lives next door. He is the only guy who talks to us.
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    I had played back the CCTV 'footage'

    Both gates remained shut and no one was walking along the pathway.

    The incident remains a mystery?

    I could clearly hear a gate opening and the crunching of feet on the footpath.

    The foot lights came on, but this was expected because they had a proximity detector.

    Julie heard nothing. Most strange?

    On the CCTV camera 1 I can be seen driving away in my Jag.
    So.....nothing physically happened!

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