Happy Thanksgiving (non-religious)

Discussion in 'Social Place' started by nivek, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. nivek

    nivek As Above So Below

    Next weekend is Thanksgiving in the US, I have a four day weekend for that holiday, and took an extra day making it a five day weekend...With a short work week and holiday time off I hope everyone concerned that is traveling does so safe and hope you enjoy the holidays...The last few months seemed to go by fast, the new year is around the corner...

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    SOUL-DRIFTER Life Long Researcher

    I will work most of the time.
    Travel has already caused several car accidents here just yesterday.
    I still have the last turkey from my last job in the freezer. Plan on cooking that up next week.
    Hope you and everyone have a great Thanksgiving.
    I have been crazy busy and the reason I have not been around much.
    That will change soon.

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  3. The shadow

    The shadow The shadow knows!

    I am thankful:
    for my wife of 17 years you make my life complete.
    My twin girls. Who daily are showing me the adults they are becoming.
    My 11 year old son Ian. I hope your dream to play for the brewers comes true.
    my 7 year old son Chris. who is waiting to tell Santa what he wants.
    my 2 year old daughter Samantha. I wish you could be our little button forever.
    To Nivek for giving us this place.
    To all those here.
    A happy and Blessed thanksgiving.
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  4. Kchoo

    Kchoo Terrestrial

    Thankful for my experiences that made me strong and the ability to discern what matters from what is un-important.

    Thankful that I have learned not sweat the small stuff, and to forge through all challenges, knowing that positives are always gained if one will work for it.

    Thankful for the light.

    Thankful for my family, the universe, the daily blessings, all my friends, fresh air, good food, good wine.

    Thankful for an understanding and supportive wife, who provides me with companionship and keeps me well dressed and organized, puts up with my whimsy, plays along with my flights of fantasy, and makes things Bright with her smile.
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  5. pepe

    pepe Noble

    Thanks for the mammaries.
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  6. coubob

    coubob Celestial

    I`m thankful for my new love of Coffee, for the 22 years with my wife,my 25 year old daughter and two grandchildren and a 33 year old son that i only met this year. and mostly thankful for my parents. Have a great thanksgiving all, i`ll be eating moms chili today.
  7. Wade

    Wade Stare..... They are always staring

    Thankful for the apparent fact that I'll be walking again. My therapist said that when they saw how much time, work and effort (people were apparenly cancelling left and right yesterday, but Wade showed up) they knew I was going to make it and I was worth putting the time and effort in. That last statement is pretty telling and I could tell that she thought she had said too much but I blew it off.
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