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  1. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Jamie Oliver' has shut down I think about 21 out of 23 of his restaurants.
    He had ploughed about £14,000,000 in 2008 and about £10,000,000 I think later and then a further £4,000,000 back in 2017 of his own money (my figures may be incorrect?)

    His staff are moaning about his £6,000,000 mansion and his wealth but they have no money and will probably lose their homes.

    TOO BAD!

    Life sucks. (sorry about the stutter) let me see.....

    He had been investing his money into a failed business and they want him to carry on until he loses all his fortune so that they can keep their jobs!
    Go get another one at McD0nalds!


    When I was young....

    (here we go again....)

    I worked for £8 a week at Wrights & Dobson's and when I wanted to leave, none of the staff spoke to me for a week.

    I got another job at Woolpack Hosiery as a Despatch manager because I was cheap at £15 a week and used to get salt in my cup of tea because I did not have my tea break quick enough and had not set the table for the Middle Staff who looked down on the Lower Staff and looked up to the Upper Staff.
    They never spoke to me for three days because I used to give Ruth the machinist manageress a lift home every day (lived near me)
    I had 5 staff working for me (21 years old) and each earned about £80 a week.
    I wanted a raise and they refused so I left and no one spoke to me for one fortnight because I was selfish!

    It made me unemployable because I walked out and had a better life drawing 50 pence more on Employment Benefit.

    I lost half my friends and family who disowned me because I was useless.

    Society had to retrain me because I was happier drawing 50 pence a week more without working than to get 50 pence a week less doing 40 hr a week.

    It was 'kick ass time' after that I became over qualified (who are you?)
    Well.......what can I say?

    Now I pop into McDonalds and sit in a corner away from the madness for a hot drink and a veggie burger.

    The local yobos come in and trash the restaurant as I complain about my meal being cold and filth all around the place. So I get kicked out instead...because I am the trouble maker and the ones who eat and drink in filth are meant to be easy going .

    So I think I will just go to Pizza Hut instead next to the Sikh Temple and ask for a Margarita Pizza but instead get Tabasco sauce, by which I am told that they had run out of Margarita.

    As I am belching flames and blowing out my coffee and hence told:- "Well no one else is complaining!!"
    (I ain't told you about the other end being at the mercy of the lock and key)

    How I suffered!

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  2. Georgek

    Georgek George

    I have to also say that our biggest problems are with plumbers.

    We had been let down so many times that in order to decide upon their services, I have to 'press their buttons'

    If they can tolerate me on the telephone, I know that I can deal with them in a constructive way when they do the job.

    When I looked at this advert, I started getting pictures in my head.
    Perhaps you do as well?

    The pictures that they were laughing at you. That their prices were high and that they thoughts o much of themselves and little for their customer's

    I made reference that to them that I thought that the advert conveyed a message of order to0 see if they were indeed nasty.

    They were....and straight away accused me of arguing.

    That was enough for me, and saved me time to meet up with them.

    Another plumber I found okay and when I met up with him apologised because I wanted to know his tolerance level.
    He said it worked both ways, but WE the customer end up the worst when we have to pay a large deposit and having to wait for months to finish the job. We literally will lose money by not being able to rent. So upsets a few but rather them than us!

    The other plumber who had disappeared took our bog of the wall and our bathroom smells like Trowell Sewage Works.
    (nearly killed the cat) Waiting 2 weeks with no toilet is not very good.
    Especially when the charge solicitor rates.


    Plumbers For Nottingham - No Call Out Charge - Fast Response!
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  3. nivek

    nivek As Above So Below

    I don't care for the guy and his style, I think he's a joke lol, but people liked him a lot for a long while...I think he was very popular here in the US, but haven't heard much from him lately...

  4. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Hi nivak

    I share your sentiment entirely.

    He was one of these healthy eaters who tried to change the world.

    Never knew he was big in the US but over here he had a few Italian chains.

    He was also a TV personality having a following.

    You may also have heard of Gordon Ramsey who did a lot of work over in America by trying to educate many restaurant owners as to produce better standards.

    I don't know how he got away with his arrogance...but he was really bossy and most of the chefs were scared of him. A kitchen sleuth

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  5. nivek

    nivek As Above So Below

    I think Gordon Ramsay is a great chef, yeah he is very 'passionate' about his work lol, but also very entertaining watching his various shows like Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares...He's very popular in the US and has a somewhat new show called something like 24 hours to hell and back lol...

  6. Georgek

    Georgek George

    I must admit that I had the preconceived thought that Gordon Ramsey was a bit of a moaner.
    Never really watched his programs all the way through except for snippets of highlighted controversy .

    Whilst downloading this video, I was reverted to my seat as he put his points across very professionally and indiscriminately.
    He spoke with certainty and without prejudice which made me watch his follow up.

    I found it particularly funny with this video when he said that he was going to eat his lunch

    He 'knew his onions' and certainly put that well across.

    He did some great detective work and really hammered into the restaurant owner for the way he was conducting his management.

    It showed controlled sternness and the fact that he came to do a job correctly, he was not going to be swayed by a misguided deliberation of cheating by the owner and showed true professionalism on his part.

    The man has to be respected, and I think this has been shown by his following both here and in America.


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  7. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Another bad day!

    We had a new central heating system fitted at our house in Eastwood.
    The plumber had to call back to fit a new toilet and we noticed that our old radiators which we placed in our back garden had been pinched. The bog cost £45 and he wanted paying again to fit it.

    He had put something like radiation down the old one the day before in case it was blocked? Never seen so much acid fumes.

    Robin Hood country and they nick anything. Together with the water tank, we were hoping to get a few hundred pounds scrap.

    They pay about £1.50 a Kg for steel. We have about 60 Kg of metal plus the copper water tank
    The plumber found it funny as all he could hear all evening was "Rob dogs!!"

    I said:- "I would not be laughing if I were you....that was your tip!"
    Can honestly tell you....they will nick anything around there. If you left your shoe lace outside, someone would pinch it.

    If that was not enough, the girlfriend took the old bog outside and told me when we were at Eastwood. We had to be at Newark at our other house but decided to drive back to Eastwood to put the bog back into the kitchen. If that was left outside, the burglars would think that we are rich and probably break in and steal the boiler off the wall.

    If that was not enough...'Robbing Pete' from the garage wants £300 to pass my Fiesta for it's MOT.

    Asked him not to keep tapping his calculator as it upsets me. It is like taking money from the church when they take from me.

    Puts me in a bad mood all day.

    We had the new manager from McDonalds paying us a complimentary visit.

    "Just could not help noticing that you are regular customers and hope that you keep enjoying our food?"

    So I asked:- "What happened to that other f*t b*st*rd who made some excuse that they were busy when my food was cold?"

    I said I could not care a s*d how busy they were, as it was not my problem.

    "Who was that?"

    " I still had to pay full whack!" (or rather she did)

    The only reason he laughed was because some of the other customers were chuckling away.
    (yer..they knew who it was alright!)

    I don't know about you guys...but when my gut is rumbling and the teeth comes down on that veggie burger and it is cold, I am not myself when I am hungry.

    Especially looking at some *** ******* manager with his gut hanging over his belt.
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  8. pigfarmer

    pigfarmer tall, thin, irritable

    I got a bit addicted to that. Wasn't stealing crap out of people's back yards, but I yanked out a ton of ancient telephony equipment and had a virtual copper mine. In one summer I pulled about $2K out of scrap. Promptly stuffed it into the engine of my motorcycle.
  9. Georgek

    Georgek George


    We learnt today from the care lady looking after my mum, that whilst she was in Eastwood, she saw the 'scrap men' walking with our radiators that they had nicked from our back garden. Coming out of our street...what a coincidence.

    Thinking about putting the copper tank in bed with me as to wrap my arms around so it don't get

    Crime there is pretty bad I had been told. Load of needles in the ally ways and woe.....the people!!!
  10. pigfarmer

    pigfarmer tall, thin, irritable

    People wear copper wristbands because they think that will alleviate arthritis. Wrapping yourself around a copper tank at night presents some interesting possibilities. Maybe help keep the jumblies in top shape .... ?
  11. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Just being over zealous .

    Only get used to me after a

    Give you a laugh here.........

    I was just turning left at a junction and this yobo complete with 'life support' went straight across without even looking.

    So I just papped my horn and this is what happened.

    Looked a bruiser (bet you could sort him out....)I just wanted a quiet life as I saw him coming so I locked the car doors.
    He was thumping away ..if it was the Jag he would not have got away with it.
    I just use this car for a 'run-about' It get's 'bruised' all the time

    I even got a mug shot of him, complete with hate expression just in

    Had to stop at the traffic lights

  12. Georgek

    Georgek George

    What a Day!!
    Yesterday, I was driving along in my Jag as what looked like a pig in a truck come charging up behind me.
    So I hit the gas pedal and the turbo pipe blew!

    It was like that film 'Sully' with Tom Hanks when these birds got sucked in the engines and he had to land in the Hudson river.

    The suction was enormous and I thought the automatic gearbox had gone?



    The next day I took it to a garage at Forest Fields to get it sorted including a service and an MOT.

    Walking into the reception, we both looked at each other as I seemed to pick something up about him?
    At first I thought he was one of them Hill-Billies or sommit from 'Thanks Giving'

    If he ever set light to that ginger beard of his, probably set fire to the whole lot!

    Thinking "What the **** is that?" I kept my distance in case he had some live stock up there as i am sure I saw something move inside?

    Anyway, I wanted to know what the exact problem was, by which he told me that the cam pulley had sheared the hose and that it could cost up to £350 to have fixed.

    We both looked at each other like constipated parrots for a few seconds after which I asked him how much the actual hose would cost by which he said that he did not know, depending on availability and size. He said the labour would be up to to 2 hours and that he would text me before fitting. He never did.

    The bill came to £940.23

    So I phoned up:-

    "What the heck....does a bl**dy hose rubber cost to fit...the only cost up to £45???!!

    "We had to get it all the way from Jaguar in Derby"

    I phoned them up to then be told that the company haad not ordered anything for about 3 months!

    Eeeee lad.....I was fuming!!!

    Anyway the pipe came to about £400 plus with the VAT and I wanted to know what was involved by which I was told 6 HOURS LABOUR to fit a pipe!!

    Apparently the job itself took 2 hrs but the spent another 4 hours dismantling the engine at the front to see what had caused it!

    I said:- "What the heck does it matter...had the engine moved or something? Just stick the thing back on with clips away from the pulley!!!!"

    Anyway...words were said and hec finally came down in price.

    Here is my bill:-


    That in dollars would be about about $1500!!!

    Bl**dy 88 pence as well!!!! Excuse me.....what about the ice cream? Probably got kids like Zee-Zee Top minus razor blades.

    It was not the cost that bothered me but the principle.

    Like taking money from the church when the rob dogs sting me.

    First handbrake (buggered) then as I drove it the DPF light came on meaning that carbon had deposited.
    Then as I increased the revs...the coil light came on the inbuilt computer panel.

    I bet Hamish had put his Long Johns and socks on my car bonnet to dry whilst it was idling in his garage to keep warm! He is not taking my money so he can buy flea powder for his beard. There will be words tomorrow!

    Broken hearted I was!! So the girlfriend had to buy me 2 cappuccinos instead of one at McDonlds down the road.

    By that time the telephone company had 'stung me' by cancelling and renewing all my phone contracts. Sorry how I felt????

    So I said:- "Put the bl**dy things back and never mind have a dying man here"

    She wanted to know my passwords, email addresses and location.

    "How do I know which blooming one you want..we have 5 houses, twenty emails and 6 telephone accounts."

    "Ah...Mr sorry no continue!"

    Two hours I was on that blooming phone as the b*ggers were just about to give me a parking ticket for over staying.
    My left tab looked like a beetroot I was so long talking.

    A few tittering from some of the customers thinking it was funny!

    I could not hear myself speak as there were chimps running about the place instead of sitting down to eat.
    If you ever come to Nottingham they will whip the shoe laces from your boots whilst you are walking.


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  13. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Phoned up the garage about the handbrake.


    The boss:Alien:

    " andbrake"

    Yap...yap-yap and more of I went back to the garage.

    Hamish seemed to be picking his teeth with a tooth pick. Occasionally a gleam of white nashers would dazzle me.

    So I spoke to the manager.

    "Just one of them things mate...pop it round the back and we will sort it"


    I said:- "What if the 'pigs' had pulled me up whilst I was driving home and did a routine check on my car?"



    "Well mate it is not our fault...jut one of them things!"

    "Liss----en..... I brought my car in for a full service and an MOT and my car was not road worthy when it left your garage especially after being stung for over seven hundred quid"

    "Ahh if you look at the conditions at the back, it will tell you that the retest does not include a full MOT!"

    "But you serviced it and changed the back disks and pads!"

    " are we meant to know...the cable seemed tight?"

    Mate...mate...NOW LISTEN!!!"


    "Never wrong are you? We all make mistakes just apologise and say bring it back.over!"

    "The 'pigs would have told me to leave it parked on the road and to catch a bus home "


    "I would have come back the next day when you had opened to find my car on bricks with the wheels missing!"

    Anyway I eventually got it sorted
  14. pigfarmer

    pigfarmer tall, thin, irritable

    He was in to your brakes. Hoses & caliper. You had more ‘stop’ problems than ‘go’. Two hours labor for the boost pipe, once I juggle the conversion the prices look fairly standard. But we ain’t got no Ministry or pipes under the hood over here.

    All tickety-boo under the bonnet now? Go figure, you buy an expensive British car and it’s expensive to work on. What’s the world (possibly flat) coming to ? :)
  15. Georgek

    Georgek George

    The thing that 'got me' was that boost pipe.

    Around £45 genuine Jaguar replacement cost.

    As mentioned, he got the car on the ramp and said that the pulley had sheared it.

    So I wanted to know how much it would all come to including labour by which I was told that it was not clear how much the pipe would cost, that it could be expensive being a jaguar replacement part? That was because the pipe was silicon and the maximum price would be £350
    Yer...I don't mind spending money when something has to be done, but for peace of mind, I asked about the labour hence being told that it would be one to two hours.
    It was 6:00 pm and the garage I had 'do the work' began to close, so there was no where where I could check on the price. Except ebay which was around £40.
    So putting two and two together at an hourly rate of £50/hr labour it would cost from £90 to £140.

    When I was told the next day that the cost was £350 plus VAT it came to £434+

    That I could not understand so I pointed out that I knew how much the part cost and where did they get it from?

    By which I was told that it was jaguar in Derby. I first phoned up Jaguar in Nottingham to try to find out why they had not purchased the part locally? By which I was told that the garage HAD phoned them up, but not to give the guy's name.

    So I phoned up Jaguar in Derby to be told that they had never sold any Jaguar parts to that garage for three months now. That everything was on computer.

    Got back to the garage for a justification on that price which then left me opened mouth.

    Although the price on the labour and part were correct, they proceeded to tel me that they wanted to know WHY the boost pipe got damaged and hence took the engine apart from the front which was an additional 4 hrs labour making it 6 hours overall.

    Instead of using common sense and securing the boost pipe away from the pulley they wanted to know why?

    Oh pretty good but poor muggins here had to pay for their curiosity!!!

    Which was load of rubbish anyway because there is 8 hrs in a day. By which in the space of time, they would have waited at least an hour for the part and then service the car, MOT it and replace all the disks and rear pads. It don't add up!

    As I picked up the car at 4:30 pm how do they explain the labour costs?

    Okay..he dropped the price £200+ less after I had taken him to task.
    The rest of the bill did not seem too bad?

    I would have thought a total of around £640? But I am not gonna moan for an extra £100.

    The b*ll sh** continued the following day when the handbrake was defunked .

    Spending over £700 including servicing and MOT, I expected my car to be roadworthy and safe.

    Yer..okay we all make mistakes and an apology would have been great...but no.....

    I had to listen to another load of rabble about Terms and Conditions on the back of the MOT certificate that a retest does not include the full test.

    In other words, they check the brakes for the MOT and fail them, carry out the repair and to be told that the MOT had already been done a few minutes before and that after leaving the garage it was legal for the brakes not to work!

    How do we work that one out???

    We as customers expect our cars to be safe after leaving a garage but instead told that they were justified for your cr not to be road worthy.

    It is like having new tyres and your wheel falling off saying we should check the bolts!

    We take the appropriate steps of trusting a garage and then get r*llock*d for

    I got 'yap..yap...yap'
    All these white teeth grinning under that goat head don't help either.


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