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    Thanks for all these pictoglyphs. I live near a lava field that has huge rocks with lots of pictoglyphs. If I ever get my stuff loaded from the old computer I can post my photos here.
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    I don’t ever claim that petroglyphs are ufonauts but I also don’t ascribe any particular meaning since I can’t begin to understand what things meant to rock artists

    Dubois and Wind River sites are among my favorites.

    F09A59E2-1D48-4F6C-BF2F-966048D9606C.jpeg C619847C-D400-4CB0-AB4C-500E1028FC81.jpeg 96ECF539-BA32-4A05-9146-86DE4C3DAA8C.jpeg FD0D1CAE-B568-48F8-9B4A-6B24112ADA5A.jpeg

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