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Rick Hunter

That description is an awful lot like what the Transcendentalists were striving for. God is everywhere, and in ourselves if we would only recognize it. Our own intuition is often the best teacher.


High Priestess
"I wandered so long looking. I was looking for God in a book, in a church. I was looking outside for God when God is within all of us. I did not find God, she found me. I don't have to follow a book to find God. Last night I experienced an indwelling of the Goddess. She came to me and for a moment everything from the smallest sand to the greatest star was manifest. who is the Goddess? she lives and dwell in each of us. all we have to do is put away silly notions and she will revel herself
I have heard that Paganism is for broken people,
but life cracks everyone in some way.
We are a religion of healing people.”
thorumm quakerbush

I was broken in so many ways my heart was broken, no shattered but The Goddess found me alone and lost. I was healed. I denied my true self for so long. only in my seeking did I finally have peace."
Blessed Be
Priestesses Debra
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The book of shadows each Wiccan has one mine is at least 6 books its deeply personal it contains thoughts deeds intent. it's a diary for a Wiccan. it's their journey every thought and word.
However, in Wicca, words matter.
We say certain things at certain times and in certain contexts because we understand the power that language has to shape our world. Because words have intent.
Words are powerful, and words are magickal.
over the last week My daughter and I have questioned and probed a potential initiate to see if she was serios or if it was idle curiosity.
this is not common only one priestess normally teaches but she approached us both. but only one may do the teaching.
today the goddess instructed me to bring a blank book for her.
I asked, "Why do you wish to join the craft? to be cool? to be accepted?"
She thought "It's not about acceptance I could care less what others think about what path I walk all I want to find peace. and myself. "
I handed her the book and told her the names and phone numbers of several coven members then within a few days call me Kate or one of them to teach her but to tell none of her teacher.
the wheel turns again!
Blessed be

Todd Feinman
I don't practice Wicca, but I have studied the occult / magic since I was in the 4th grade, or so. I don't talk about it much, as I want to focus on the UFO topic and don't want to alienate folks who are very skeptical by mixing the two together --and I feel they are not connected, either. I even make rune wands and magical stelae, have practiced Kundalini yoga, read Crowley, Golden Dawn, Spare, etc.
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Todd Feinman
Tell me more about Kundalini. I keep hearing about it in metaphysical/mystic circles.
Hi Rick,
Traditional Kundalini Yoga involves meditation and breathing exercises and asanas (poses), and sometimes mantras (chants to stimulate subtle energies) whereby a supposed source of energy located in a subtle energy center at the base of the spine is made to rise up and penetrate and transform the other subtle energy centers (chakras) which roughly align with the spine and finish with the Sahasrara chakra above one's head. Though it is mostly a Tantric Indian practice, there are also very similar Taoist versions of the practice. The result is that one becomes aware of subtle energies (can perceive / feel them), and work with them, thus siddhis (accomplishments or various powers are obtained), though those temptations are to be avoided so one can take the practice to the highest level. During the practice, one can circulate these energies through ones subtle body (through the "nadis"), purifying and transforming it. I actually think The Secret of the Golden Flower would accomplish similar things.

Todd Feinman
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