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Discussion in 'Knowledge of the Spirit' started by nivek, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. The shadow

    The shadow The shadow knows!

  2. The shadow

    The shadow The shadow knows!

  3. dlw

    dlw Saved by grace

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  4. nivek

    nivek As Above So Below

  5. nivek

    nivek As Above So Below

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  6. pigfarmer

    pigfarmer tall, thin, irritable

  7. Georgek

    Georgek George

    There is an old Indian saying 'nivek' that a Red Indian is never caught in the same trap twice. In life we are told to 'watch our backs' and we only learn that from past experience.

    I am afraid that personally I do live in the imagination because I work on 'Controlled Imagination' Incorrect...the past is ALIVE and if you are trained, you can touch a rock and a dozen past images spring to life. Nothing dies (I quote Elephant Man the film) Everything we do or say has it's repercussion and leaves a mark in the present.

    There is also an old saying that if you learn by the past then the future will take care of itself.

    When we get older, we cherish our past memories because all we have to look forward to is pain and emotional suffering. We cling on to the Happy Days a sto rejuvenate ourselves.

    I have been both poor and rich and when I was poor I was happy. There was an aim to move forward by learning from having nothing.

    I learn't to 'kick back' because I had to and I am still kicking back to keep the things that I have. This is the problem of moving forward...we reach contentment. To the degree that we just cannot go back to the way things were.

    By thinking of the past we become 'street wise' because if we just do not 'watch our backs' we can get attacked as we had gained so much 'ground' The biggest attackers is society because it is them who had studied every aspect of law reinforcement and can twist things around if they ever dislike you? You have to learn the law and how your neighbour thinks.

    This I found at my peril by being relaxed and looking forward instead of back.

    Of course you become miserable because otherwise you would stagnate and get worse.


    I went to live in the country to quit the 'Rat Race' ...it don't work!

    If you look at the time I make most of my postings, it is early in the morning in the UK. Sometimes 4:00 am.

    You know why?

    This is because I get absolute peace and quiet. No one driving into my car, postman at the door, rotten emails, no cyclist running me over on the pavement/sidewalk....or kids screaming outside. Worrying about the girlfriend (she is in bed)

    None existential ??? The twilight zone.....as the sun is just coming up.

    I remember Barry and Doug about 40 years ago when Barry's wife left him for the next door neighbour and we used to go 'clubbing' (they call it clubbing because it was the old caveman style of a club ...lo) As Barry wanted to rekindle his lost love life.

    We used to drive Barry home first and he would be mumbling what a bad night he had! He was drunk, no money, no girlfriend and when he saw his ex-wife's car outside his neighbours house, felt suicidal only to listen to Doug singing:- "It will be lonely this Christmas' By Mud and also "Are you lonesome tonight' by Elvis Presley.

    We took him in to sober him up a bit...and his usual cry of: "Oh my God...the sun is coming out again'!

    When things could not get any worse...he lost his job as a draughtsman and had to help me fix cars for extra money.

    We both suffered...I lost my voice nearly and he ended up under under the cars because he was also an A1 mechanic.

    Looking back on my life, it was like watching :- 'American Graffiti

    To go back again? Oh no! Yet now looking back...they were good times as well as bad.

    I miss all the humour. Had many friends and some I still have. Mainly from school.:)

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  8. Toroid

    Toroid Founding Member

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  9. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Now THAT is something that I definitely agree with.

    Spiritualists do not believe in coincidence.

    They sav that the tea in the teacup or the throwing of a card is there for a reason.

    We are told to 'follow the path'. It could even mean life or death if we do not go according to our path?

    It can be altered...but at our peril.


    The words:- "Meant to be"

    Saying that we are maent to be where we are. Text from Julie.

    This is how the communicate, with bright lights in front of your eyes.

    As they did with me and Chris once.



    This be the power of spirit guides which tell us what we must do...yet it is up to us to listen.

    The images are like bright lights in your eyes...as can be transmitted by them many miles away into your home

    This be my thoughts. When spirits speak...I listen.

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  10. Georgek

    Georgek George


    I have to make a confession in my above posting, as the word 'Bear' was not completely erased.

    It is okay...because she calls me 'pig' although 99% it is George. The nickname had stuck for over thirty years now as she did look like a bear...lol

    She was about half my age when we met back in 1981.

    We Greeks have names for everyone as this was the way that I grew up.

    When I visited Cyprus with my mum, the old Greeks still had their nicknames. It was nothing nasty because it was just being the way we are.

    There was a big sign on the way to Limassol that read:- 'Potatas Plantation' Brits do/did not know where the name originated? Potatas is potato in English and the reason why the old man was called that was because he had a head like a potato...lol

    We came across two estate agents when looking for property. One was called 'Zavos Estates' Zavos in Greek means bent and crooked. The other was called 'Lordos'
    The firm got the name because the owner was rich like a lord...lol

    Most Cypriots are millionaires now. They deserve to be.
  11. nivek

    nivek As Above So Below


    Looking around the universe nothing so strongly impressed me, as the system of division of labour which pervades it. Practical results never spring from solitary causes; they are ever the resultants of the more or less divergent effects of an inextricable plexus of diverse causes; It is from contrasts, that all the joys and beauties of the world arise; it is from the equilibrium of antagonistic forces that the Universe subsists. All progress springs from difference; all evolution is the result of differentiation; as in the great, so in the spiritual; as in the visible so in the unseen universe.

    - H. P. Blavatsky

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  12. The shadow

    The shadow The shadow knows!

    to rikki my heart my soul my life my e everything
  13. Georgek

    Georgek George

    What folks don't realise out there, is that we are very talented guys here! lol (and we don't get paid for it)

    We all have active controlled imagination which comes from our abilities to understand the world beyond because we have this level of sensitivity.

    Imagination is creativeness of the mind and can even include designers. Poet I am not (I am also too modest...lol) but a good engineer.

    I was walking in my town of Wollaton a few years ago and could detect water. My dowsing does not need angle rods.

    It is all connected to a great battle that occurred thousands of years ago which is pre history.

    The Romans invaded us and this had something to do with our waterways and Tottle Brook which was once a raging river.

    Lord Willoughby who owned Wollaton hall realised that the West of Nottingham was a flood plane and used the area for mining.

    Only psychic can pick all this up.

    I had wondered about some of the street names here, and why they were called such? Looking from my vantage point it looked like a sea...never ending and eventually the water subsided.

    The designers could see all this without realising and one of the roads was called Seaford Avenue. Another called Runswick Drive after Runswick Bay in whitby Yorkshire. Another called Hollingwell Avenue and a pub given the name The wheelhouse. Many more names.

    Janice Rose

    Janice Rose, all proud and true
    Comb your hair to ease the blues
    Fragrant pastels with blended hues
    With shades of grey for Autumn days

    Paint your face and mark your eyes
    Slap the gel onto your thighs
    Rub the creams that others dream
    Then slowly watch your lovers gleam

    Janice Rose, now you are old
    Rub the ointments on your toes
    Then roll your headscarf for the cold

    Sunken eyes with wrinkled brows
    Hospice tears without the frowns

    Debts to pay, which cannot wait
    You are broke without a hope
    Except your prayers for God and pope

    Save your farthings for the dead
    Trinket jewellery that fool your friends
    Laid to waste….here on your bed

    As doctors wait until your end

    Pray that the doorman, be polite
    Who shifts your body out of sight
    Fidget more within the gloom
    As people pray within your room

    Lay a wreath by those who grief
    Better still, try not to leave
    How righteous be the ones that be
    That lay a rose for Janice Rose

    I Fell

    I fell my lord, in times of need
    When the crops were tall and beasts were slayed
    My dagger’s short and my sheaf is worn
    I called your name
    You never came...........
    To fill my plate
    But called my name
    Within my shame

    Was it not my pain you felt?
    As you bruised your knee, when I ferried thee?
    I called your name, within your shame
    Then hurried down to heal your pain
    Turn around; then see my name
    Engraved on stones in graves they lay

    Wizpuri Dock

    The wizened old man of Wizpuri Dock
    Had lifted his eyes to his grandfather's clock
    He gazed with a smile.... and pondered a while,
    Then shook his great fist at the great wooden block

    He came "fourth in the mile", but hindered a while
    For now he was old and decrepit and vile
    Not a smile had he dared, for those who had stared
    As he hobbled along from Wizpuri Dock

    He gasped his last breath, as he forecast his death
    For the time he had guessed was more than his best
    In time he had called for man and his lord
    But dithered and croaked as he suffered a stroke

    Fell to his feet all laden with grief
    Frail and defeated…decrepit and bleat
    He looked at the time, hence gathered a smile
    As he groveled and choked all bewildered and broke

    He fell on his back that had tumbled and cracked
    And gazed at the clock from Wizpuri Dock
    The clock it had struck...... without even a cluck
    As the wizened old man lay dead as a duck

    Had he strived back in time and altered the chime?
    Then would he have died as he gazed at the time?
    All tightened and wrought despite he was short
    Like the clock near the wall which may cheat his fall
    As to alter the chime from the clement of time?
    That men should stay tall despite their great fall
    To go back in time and alter the time
    Like the clock on the wall of Wizpuri Dock

    Poetry By George

  14. nivek

    nivek As Above So Below

    It is not impermanence that makes us suffer. What makes us suffer is wanting things to be permanent when they are not.

    — Thich Nhat Hanh

  15. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Indeed so nivek.

    It seems that we have a failure to grasp the true reality of our whole being?

    We have to decide what is to be permanent?

    1) The state off happiness
    2) Are we happy what we have...which may wear off as time goes on?

    One thing what I had noticed is that we are unhappy striving for something like money...but once we have got it, we become unhappy by trying to keep it. If that makes sense?

    It amazes me about people who have fame and fortune and commit suicide.

    There is an old saying that life sucks.
    It does.

    There was a case once about this wise old Lama who took shelter under a tree. He taught his student that life was just an illusion. Until this wild tiger shot out of the bushes and chased him.

    His student wanted to know if life was an illusion, why did he run away from the tiger?

    The old Lama replied that he THOUGHT he saw the tiger which chased him?
  16. dlw

    dlw Saved by grace

  17. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Sometimes makes me wonder what man has made?

    Someone must have purchased a lot of grass seed and the rain from Chernobyl don't help either ?

    I was 'gob smacked' the other day.......

    The local vicar had one of these late evening Wakes with half the yuppies from the adjacent villages attending causing sacrilege from too much H2O .

    Some war hero's grave stone had two pints of Budweiser. Poor sod....as if he did not have enough at Dunkirk with his rump peppered, he had to undergo water fermenting years later from the brewery!

    An eventful evening was the verdict as most of the cans of ale was sprawled in the church yard.

    As if this was not enough, I had to undergo a lecture from the church rag.

    "Dear parishioners it may surprise you that Jesus had a one parent family and those of you who are too embarrassed to attend our Sunday sermons need not feel ashamed. His father Joseph, was not really his father as Jesus openly said that his father was God."

    "Also we are not perfect as even Jesus himself would have received an ASBO for smashing up the temple of Jerusalem"

    I though oh my God but better not say it because that would meant that God had fornicated!

    (I just hope that my car is not near the church when the lightning hits it? No wonder our light bulbs keep blowing. )

    Ended up reading how the vicar was saddened to leave all her parishioners behind, as she was due to be promoted to Cambridge. Saddened my foot...most likely better pay?
    Oh Geeze where is that sick bucket?

    Reminds me of that time when I was accused of desecrating the church at Bramcote for having a ghost hunt.
    Makes me wonder what happened to Dave R*ber*s from next door? He was a regular church goer and ended up pinching bits of our front garden. Though shalt not steal so it says.

    Told me that the previous owner had given it to him!

    Wow another one entering heaven, as she certainly grabbed every bit of cash from us when she sold it to us whole.

    Nice how they go to heaven and I/we have to pay for it.

    The one up the hill had been trying to pinch about 200 sq feet of our land and was told taht because we had so much land, that we ought to give him a bit.

    He even told me to cut his grass because the grass in question meant that our views had his grass in front! I said taht if he wants land...then let him bl**dy (oops) buy land like we did.

    How we suffered at the hands of these Eco god like hippies.!

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  18. Georgek

    Georgek George


    He was GLAD in it and had cost us a lot of money putting up fences and seeing solicitors

    When our fence blew over his(no names) words were:- "It's almost biblical George!"

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


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  19. The shadow

    The shadow The shadow knows!

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  20. nivek

    nivek As Above So Below

    Real silence is explosive, energy bubbling up with a melting away, unless you have a train to catch...- nivek

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