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My mailbox is just a green target - on a hill on a turn :) Rarely do we get much other than garbage, we've since gone paperless for virtually everything. I resisted a long time and then just knuckled under. I can think of only a very short list of things that arrive by mail - the Town water bill and taxes mostly, they're still all paper.

In another thread I mentioned 400lbs of shredding - we recently helped empty a storage unit for a relative. That was just the shreddable documents, there was easily twice that in packaging, envelopes.. Some of the information was on punch cards. In all the decades all that stuff sat in the dark nobody ever, not once ever went and looked at it for anything.

This is not really a knock at the USPS, although they occasionally richly deserve it (which is why I use UPS for everything) - it's more about our hypocritical shopping habits. We're like lemmings when it comes to the next new toy, run right out to buy an EV because .... why exactly?

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There is actually an interesting UFO angle to these Miyake events.

In many UFO accounts where witnesses had a chance to talk with aliens, aliens told them that Earth will be engulfed into a catastrophe in which sky would turn red. I personally considered that a non-scientific malarkey. Until that time I didn't know of a natural or man-made catastrophe in which sky turns red. And, this video about Miyake event proves me wrong. According to the very detailed scientific account in the above video, during extremely strong Solar storms, much stronger then Carrington event that we already discussed in this forum, sky does turn red and all the way from North pole down to the Equator,

These Mega-Carrington events, that are x10 or more times stronger then the 19-th century Carrington even, happen reasonably frequently. Its only that our written history is relatively short and these Mega-Carriongtons occur on a span of few thousand years. Sun is spewing huge amounts of plasma and gas, its only that trajectory of these ejections needs to coincide with Earth's location, which is rare, but still happens.


tall, thin, irritable
noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo thank you to THAT little Nosferatu. Give me a goddamned heart attack walking my dog, fortunately I don't do that in Indonesia.