Retreating from Facebook


Got my first ever notice from Facebook that something I had posted had been deleted as "spam". But they would not let me see what it was. They said I could request a review of their decision, but even still, I'm not certain what the post was. I have a hunch that it was about a recent possible vigilante killing. if so, it was from a mainstream news source, as was any caption.

Anyway, I barely use Facebook any more. I don't visit many groups; don't interact with any friends even tough officially, I have thousands :susp: of them!

So, I've taken the step of De-Activating my Facebook account. From here, I can later choose to reactivate it or permanently delete it.

In the meantime, I've deleted my Facebook bookmark. Let's see what happens.


As Above So Below
My wife recently retreated from Facebook, she permanently deleted her account...She used to be fairly active but she said too many times her posts are spammed with lewd comments and now that we are married she spends less time on social media anyway, so she deleted her account...



Step Two Initiated!

It's be over a month since deactivation. Since I haven't been missing Facebook I've gone ahead and initiated permanent account deletion. They say I'll have 30 days to change my mind.