The reality of God?

Discussion in 'Knowledge of the Spirit' started by nivek, Sep 2, 2017.

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    Some questions, Is the Goddess in your opinion the only diety? And If I may ask, More basic things, Like, Why is she a Goddess? Is she the creator? are their others? are these questions the complicated kind with no clear answers? I'm not goating for information. I'm searching for answers that others may actually have.
  2. Shadowprophet

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    I am here searching for something, I know what I want to find, I want to know what Nivek believes in. There is a reason.

    I've known him for years, I've never seen him lose his temper or ever mentally break down. Whatever keeps him sane. I want that thing.
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  3. Rikki

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    No She is not the only Divinity. The horned God Herne the hunter is the male aspect. A woman gives birth to a child she created all there is. This is my faith ,my belief.
    As for others I can not speak for them. Nor will I assume anything.
    Blessed Be
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    As i sit hear with tears in my eyes.This is the most incredible thread that i have ever read in my immortal are one of us.. i am you... we are the first light my child.

    The Mother of all Mothers,
    The Mother of the first light
    The Mother of the first breath of life
    The mother of all petty gods old and new
    Honors you.
    Your loyalty is that of the Universe..daughter of the first star..child of the first light...and so it was written.iml527.
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