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I haven’t been keeping close track but has anyone seen a UFO up close and personal, say within 150 feet away and 75 feet above ground?

I was walking to middle school in the morning when I saw the first UFO in my life, I couldn't guess how far it was away from me, however it was close enough to see clearly it was a silvery coloured disc...I was shortcutting through a big field when I saw it rise up from the ground and fly off, this was in Florida in the 70s...


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Just as a compliment to the original post, here is a very good site from which both this video and these photos come:

Old Air Force Captain's UFO Photographs Revealed

We already talked here on the forum about another UFO case where UFO with exactly the same structure was described here. This case is better known as Hannah McRoberts Vancouver Island incident and one can read more about the case here: The Hannah McRoberts UFO Photograph

What is very interesting is quite revealing structure of the craft, ball in a centre of a large flat disc. From point of view of physics disc would be associated with current and magnetic field, while the sphere would be associated with strong electric field. I strongly believe that the shape of UFOs is dictated by physics and their function.

Hannah McRoberts UFO was photographed October (10-15?), 1981 and Air Force captain's UFO was photographed between 1961-65. If it was the same UFO it certainly stayed around for some 15 years.

Was it a same UFO or was it part of a larger fleet of UFOs? Repetition of phenomena always add to veracity. At least a little bit.
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Mr Birch took this photograph near Sheffield in March 1962.


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Because of similarity I wanted to make a side-by-side comparison with a UFO from another video.

To all my knowledge of UFO background information UFO on the right makes perfect sense as UFO depicted in thousands of witness testimonials. I am almost 99.99% certain that ufo on the right is real UFO. Particularly because from the electrical RF engineering point of view: a closed sphere would make a Faraday's cage from whose inside no signal can either escape or enter. First, to overcome inability of EM signal to enter Faraday's cage ( here, metal sphere ) antennae must be on outside. And second, to be able to pick up remote control EM signal from any direction antennae must be at 90º to each other. So UFO on the right is scientifically correct design, which I doubt UFO pranksters would know much about.

About UFO on the left ( with a blue sky background ) I am not 100% sure. What bothers me a lot is that the reflection is way too sharp. It can easily be a ball bearing that is very close to camera. But I can't say anything without trying to actually make a photograph of a shiny metal sphere in a similar circumstances.

Here is a video from which UFO on the right comes from:



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I don't know, looks like pixel distortion to me...



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Brothers freaked out after spotting tube-shaped UFO hovering over garden

Having snapped more than my fair share of low level C17 pics with an iPhone 8 I'd say two things. One is that the camera on a 10 is obviously an improvement and Two is that thing had to be damned big. If it were small and low the iPhone would have been in it's sweet spot to get a good pic. They suck at long distance aerial shots. So, assuming this is what has been stated and there's been no kanoodling of the image, this is damned weird. I am not seeing a plane in there but that's what the article says.

Brothers freaked out after spotting bizarre tube-shaped UFO hovering over their back garden
Sarah Grealish 14:13 ET, Dec 21 2021 Updated: 17:06 ET, Dec 21 2021

A PAIR of brothers have been left freaked out after they spotted a bizarre tube-shaped UFO hovering over their back garden.

They spotted the peculiar object floating in the sky and yesterday posted pictures to social media.

They wrote on Reddit under the name MassacreYKS: "We stargaze, like to take amateur pictures of the sky etc.

"I posted this on another thread and he said as the night mode was used to take the picture.

“It keeps the shutter open longer and this is most likely a plane with two lights along the side and flashing red light in the centre.

“The camera shutter stayed open long enough to capture the middle light flashing."

Baffled social media users soon rushed to give their two cents on the strange images which were taken on an iPhone 10 on October 21.