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does anyvone know what happenned in rio claro aliens 1965 i cant find anything about that case ?and does anyvone can find this case
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his arm vanished that first photo

Hi Max, I had never heard of this before, so thanks for putting me on to it mate. :Thumbsup: ... i've just spent an hour trying to get more info on this [interesting sounding anyway] report, but despite my searching as thoroughly as i'm able, the only reference to this 'case' apart from the straight-to-print-copies of the original story from the defunct "GRESUPE" which was a site web of ufology and astrology that appeared in 2000 at gresupe.vila.bol.com.br, and disappeared in 2002. ... and is generally considered "a
website mixed ufology and astronomy and presented vague or doubtful or even false information, of the type "Project Majestic 12", "Atlantis", "Ashtar Sheran", "Nostradamus", etc." and so it's generally thought by the reputable ufologist's of Brazil to be a vague story of "reptilians" that were "man-like" altogether does not scream for credibility."
thanks to Albert Rosales and Patrick Gross.

...And so for me , this is just another one of those 'interesting south american UFO-fantasies' ... and is no more credible than many other "interesting-stories" that have filtered down the ufological-pipeline over the years alongside of the reputable ones.

Cheers Buddy.


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