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Dejan Corovic

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According to whistle-blowers, there are images that good or better. I think we even interviewed one on The Paracast. Basically, anyone who has fair-mindedly studied ufology would have to admit that the military with its vast ultra high tech surveillance tech would either have such images, or that the whole thing is one big weird psyop.

Maskirovka or not, what is sad is that attitude of general population has more appreciation for science and is now more open minded towards UFOs, but powers to be still want to keep it secret.
That is one of my favorite drums to bang - maskirovka and always has been a component of all this and still is, separate and aside from whatever The Reality of extraterrestrial visitation may be. Yes, I overuse that Tom Clancy-derived term because it fits perfectly. Just because I believe the former doesn't mean I exclude the latter, in fact I think it's quite likely. But getting the military to actually speak the truth is a bit like some people I know - even if you do get them to admit something can you actually believe it? Some people have that infuriating **** written into their DNA.
IMO a global psyop is even less likely than just going with what UFOs seem to be — alien craft.

That's because there are too many firsthand witnesses from the Premodern Era ( pre-1947 ) and the Early Modern Era ( 1947-1972 ) in ufology, for a global psyop to make any sense, let alone be possible to pull-off. That said — there's also sufficient evidence to believe that the phenomenon has at times been exploited in a psyop like manner to cover for secret projects ( e.g. Skyhook, SR-71, B2 etc ).

Returning to the point — If we go with this rationale, then the PTB must have really excellent photos, and probably videos as well of alien craft, but as @Dejan Corovic points out, they still want to keep it secret.
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We're mixing threads, this should be over in the UFO stuff. Maybe this could be shuffled off accordingly?

You can't discount the enormous number of total whack jobs and well-meaning if deluded theories not to mention the outright frauds that benefit from the interest that permeates ufology and pop culture, When someone can define that border clearly please do so for everyone's benefit - it seems to shift like sand dunes. Only a relatively small part of the total number of us interested in this are actually qualified and in a position to render judgement.

OK, fast forward to some future press conference or briefing in which an official will announce that, yup, we got 'em. Whatever that may be. Remember that scene from Close Encounters with just such a briefing and in the middle of it the old man pipes up and talks about his Bigfoot encounter? The Air Force officer smiles..... In reality, we don't even need gramps and his bigfoot story, ufology seems to automatically cancel out its own credibility.