What about the Public Library?


Does anybody visit public libraries anymore? They were important to me all through my childhood, and into the 90s, but I haven't visited one in years. When I moved back to New York, I did get a library card, but it was only because I was downtown and it was extremely cold out, and I wanted to surf the internet a little between job interviews.

I spent a lot of time in academia, and recognize the continued value of that type of library. But what about the public version; what do people use them for nowadays? Do parents still encourage children to read physical books?

Physical books are important to me, but I often buy them. Otherwise, I download PDFs or Kindle versions. A local public library is not going to have many of the titles I am interested in.

When was the last time you were at a public library?

Todd Feinman

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lol I suspected something like that!
It's a very interesting job! One of my ordering sections is UFOs --I also have the magic and occult sections, history -(everything but American history), art history books, and art technique books. When I started as a librarian, we had just gotten rid of the card catalog --and had two computers with internet access --with Netscape on them! Those were the days!


As Above So Below
I have a library card for the local small town library, although I haven't visited it since 2015...In the last I've often visited a library in whatever town or countryside I may be residing at the time, often bringing my own books to read in a different atmosphere than home or to do a bit of writing...I used to write much on the topics of the spiritual and philosophical, probably written enough to publish a thick book but these days not so much...I still have all my notes and writings tucked away in all the books I've purchased and read over the years...

I often find myself returning to the public library. In a world dominated by screens, the library remains a sanctuary of quiet focus, offering not just books but a refuge for genuine, uninterrupted learning. Exploring apps for students to study, Is where apps meet authenticity in a hushed symphony of knowledge.