What did you eat or drink?


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Last night I grilled bison burgers for myself and my dog, and sauteed some green beans from this year's garden and baked some steak fries...

Also opened a bottle of a wonderful Malbec 2010 from Argentina...


Last week when I was down in the country in a restaurant, I ordered fried roasted pig cutlets (or spit-roasted pig cutlets), it was so tasty...when literally translated to english, it's "gipsy roast".

Googled some pics for you:




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I have had that stomach op that chops your capacity permanent from over 1 liter to about 300 milliliters.
So I live on slow cooked casseroles.

Big bag of Mixed Veggies, Peas, corn, etc
2 small bags of spices,
4 Carrots chopped into slices.
Heaps of spinach or similar chopped fine.
2 large tins of Cream of chicken soup
6 large potatoes dices and sliced.
Big handful of favorite shredded cheese.
A cup of bread crumbs.
2 table spoons of curry powder
2 or more giant table spoons of garlic mashed up.
2 Packs of Pork or Chicken Sausages (16) (I don't eat cows)
Half freeze them then chop em into slices.
A couple of packs of chicken breasts chucked in, they fall apart after cooking.

Pretty much anything I can find.

Stick it in the slow cooker for 3 hours, then when cooked and cooled
I get about 14 sandwich bags of meals out of it.
I meal per day.
$ hours prep to bag,
2 weeks meals.

As for drinks,
Sadly, Jack daniels


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This morning I had a bowl of raisin bran with almond milk, sooo good...:)



Went to see someone and saw some padi plantation (rice) on the way there..


I used to like to eat this duck rice in my hometown, that person told me that the duck rice recipe in a shop there was originally used to cook dog a long time ago but because people didn't liked them cooking dog so they've substituted dog with duck but still using the same recipe till today.. :unsure8: i dont know how true is it but that duck rice is my favorite.

^ a pic from google, it looked some sort like this except this is chicken.


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I had an Arby's turkey sandwich they have been advertising on TV lately.
Very good and definitely NOT a small sandwich.

My drink lately has been pomegranate juice.


At Peace.

Tomato and avacado on toast...

Ham n cheese 3 egg omelet...

Diet coke... (cuz I am out of coffee)
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Almond milk.
I got a bunch of the stuff but have yet to try it.
How does it taste?

It's awesome, the original type though, I don't like the unsweetened...


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Tonight I'm going to stir fry some veggies and rice and have some veggie sausage on the side, there's a cheese cake in the refrigerator so I think a slice for dessert too...:)


Tenderloin and brussel sprouts for dinner for me.

Going to prepare the meat sous vide, hit it with some salt and pepper, then sear it in my cast iron skillet for a nice crust.

Brussel sprouts get steamed, then hit the skillet as well to caramelize them.

Throw some salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese on the sprouts, good to go.

I only eat red meat once or twice per week, so I have to make it count. :Tongue:


An interesting thread...

A 'what shape is your ironing-board' thread would be interesting as well
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An interesting thread...

A 'what shape is your ironing-board' thread would be interesting as well

The stir fry was delicious, no leftovers lol, no cheese cake yet, might wait til tomorrow morning for that...I have 2 ironing boards, a tabletop and stand alone, they're ordinary in their shape, nothing special but I did purchase a new rice cooker last week, it cooks perfect rice every time...