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Discussion in 'Social Place' started by Wade, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. Wade

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    So as I was composing this I wondered if maybe this could be the start of a new thread ( or not), and not necessarily be high-strangness related. But just the same.....

    Does anybody know what became of Philip J. Imbrogno? It seems he was trying to get started again, throwing his name out there, making it known he was available for interviews. I'm assuming he got a bunch of "get lost" comments and i think it started shortly before I joined this forum. .
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  2. humanoidlord

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    pretty much what happened, he thought that he was free and people had forgotten of his scandals, lets just say that he was wrong
  3. wwkirk

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    He came out with a new book in December.
    Strange Heavens: The Celestial Sphere and its Influence on Mythology, Religion, and Belief in the Paranormal

    From the publisher:

    "The Wonders of the Sky at Night

    You'll Never Look at the Stars the Same Way Again

    The infinite expanse of the night sky has long been the source of mystery and wonder. Strange Heavens explores the myths, religions, and spiritual experiences that have emerged from humanity's profound relationship with the celestial sphere. Join author Philip J. Imbrogno on a journey through time as he describes the ancient fascination with the constellations and the Milky Way, the influence of the great astronomers and explorers of the Renaissance, the evolution of science fiction, and the role of space in the popular imagination. Discover unique perspectives on the role of gods, goddesses, aliens, angels, and other supernatural beings. Learn about the role of the heavens in ancient Greek philosophy as well as fascinating insights from the early astronomers of China and India. Whether you're a serious observer of the skies or someone with a casual interest, this book shares perspectives and ideas that will change your relationship with the strange heavens forever."

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