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My pal Bob. No idea why it's Bob, but what's in a name anyway? Somebody dropped it on my lawn probably back in the '80s and was completely grown (and mowed) over until I found it in '97 and have been using it since. Why am I showing the world pictures of an old hammer?

a) because I can
b) Bob doesn't get out much



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I totally get it! I have a bunch of tools that belonged to my grandfather, they have good spirits.
I agree. The pick I've been swinging (quite a lot lately) has to be from the 1950's at least. Still works just fine - dirt is still dirt.

And in that vein, I've literally been tearing out roots, vines, grass almost a foot thick and then wheelbarrowing the stuff about 100 yards away to dump down an embankment. NOT easy. Have to clear away all the organic garbage to get to the real stuff I can grade and level. It may kill me, or I might just wish it would.


As Above So Below
Weird smiling sun and bird lineup.



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OK. I was asked to fix a broken toy. Not by a sniffling child but a grown up, apparently this is a momento of a trip she took with her husband. I fixed the feller's Saab, right? This bear just had a broken solder joint, fixed it pretty quick. Not designed to be repaired, it's schlock. Thing is once you trigger it it just goes to the end, there's no off button., you hear the whole song each time. I am drooling slightly having heard it one too many times.

If the State ever has to put me down with lethal injection I want this tune playing in the chamber when they do it ......................



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A lot of weird things wind up on my deck. This time of year it's usually mantis. yesterday was something new and also green. I believe this is a walking leaf. It made an afternoon of strolling back and forth on the railing, then I would assume became a snack for something.
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On tap for this afternoon. problem is, where it's going the only flat stable parts are the concrete footings. I have to figure out how to assemble in the driveway, walk to where I need it 40' away and stand it up. Alone. This'll be a bag o' chuckles


Can y'all guess what this is?
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Giant listening horns like this were used to listen for approaching aircraft during the Great War once aircraft were used for more than just recon and became weapons
[Assuming spoiler warning no longer needed.]

I just discovered something amazing possibly related to the above photo. In Britain, in many instances those utilizing such listening devices were blind volunteers! The theory was that their hearing would be more acute because they had to depend on it so much.

This tidbit is revealed in African Kaiser. Very difficult corroborating online, but finally found a Master's Thesis that gave details based on the testimony of one of the air defense (or should I say defence :wink8:) organizers.
"in the realm of ‘hearing’ the blind must always reign supreme . . . and men were obtained who, having been born blind, had been entirely dependent on their ‘powers of hearing’ all their lives." - Commander Rawlinson