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I'm going to test this.
Some studies have shown that people who wore socks to bed or used other foot-warming methods fell asleep faster and stayed asleep longer, according to the National Sleep Foundation in Virginia.

Dr Biquan Luo, a biomedical scientist based in San Francisco, shared her insights into why warming your feet can help you get more sleep — and better sleep.

"Warming the feet can have a positive impact on sleep for many people, primarily because of its effect in promoting lower core body temperature and relaxation," she said.

Ask a doc: 'Can warming my feet really help me sleep better?'



tall, thin, irritable
I always look for common cheap household products to use instead of buying harsh chemicals and then dumping them into my septic tank.

70% isopropyl alcohol is my go to general cleaner. its clear coat and paint safe. Takes off old glue, adhesives nicely. 90% is not paint or clear coat safe but it cleans well. Want to make the raised white letters on tires brighten right up? There you go - 90% and a rag.

Lately I've tossed some really greasy nasty old car parts - pulleys and adjusters - into a lasagna pan and gave them a good dose of Dawn dish soap then covered them in white vinegar. I have an old paintbrush that once or twice I'll swirl the stuff around and I leave the pans in my slop sink to be careful. brand new looking in one day. Its a bit stinky but cost all of $3 and I can pour it right down the drain without too much worry.


tall, thin, irritable
The plastic drawers in the refrigerator can stick, especially one that gets used less often. Frustrating.

A little plain old car wax on the rails and problem begone.