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Jimmy Carter celebrates 99th birthday by attending Peanut Festival in Georgia hometown with wife Rosalynn - SEVEN MONTHS after former president entered hospice care

Former President Jimmy Carter celebrated his 99th birthday by making his first public appearance since he went into hospice care seven months ago. Carter, 98, was met with raucous applause as he made his way to the Plains Peanut Festival in Georgia on Saturday, and was seen being driven down the flag-lined street in a black SUV alongside former First Lady Rosalynn Carter. The longest living president in US history entered hospice care in February, announcing that he ''decided to spend his remaining time at home with his family and receive hospice care' instead of being hospitalized.



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Happy birthday to my beautiful wife, and her first birthday as my wife...We've been together for over a year and married for 4 months, its been amazing!...


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My little button is not so little anymore. You sing and play the ocarina. Your love for chickens and horses. You can do math and know so much. My little one growing up to fast.
Happy birthday Samantha the day is yours.