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Happy Birthday (late) @nivek !

You did go let out your lion roar didn't you ? Do it late at night, the neighbors will be thinking it's getting Squatchy in the neighborhood

The shadow

The shadow knows!
To my wonderful girls. The years have flown by. You are my hope for the future. I'm not a fool nor is Rikki on this day you are adults. Soon Debbie will leave the nest. Ohio state awaits with the promise of becoming a network architect
As for Kate her speech at Wisconsin pride fest gave me hope as a lawyer judge or elected official UW law school will give you that edge you need.
Happy birthday the future is yours. The torch is passed. Now run with it!



Happy Birthday Old Man. :Thumbsup:

The shadow

The shadow knows!
To my loving and sweet little button. 7 years ago on a day dedicated to love you came from heaven. Today you go from being a daisy scout to a brownie. In SCA your learning to sing and play the Oceania. What was once noise is now becoming music. You tell time now you do math and learning more about this old world. Happy birthday Samantha. The day is yours.