Pets of the expanse!


One more, oh before I forget don't leave your toast when having your breakfast as this one will eat it, being feral I guess its in her nature, she is a bit of a scav. She even took over my remote control for the tv.

cat tv.JPG

The shadow

The shadow knows!
"Dad Harvey is out of his cage!
Poor guy was scared of buster our dog..
And our 6 year old was the guilty party in letting him out.


Today was a sad day in our household. Our cat Chloe was put to sleep. At 17 1/2 years old she had worn out. She had dementia, arthritis and was thin from not eating much. We believe she is better off now. A picture from a few years ago.



I found a picture of all the dogs with my oldest grandson, taken in 2013. Only the little one is still with me on the planet. We used to take walks by the river. A pack of Poodles.



tall, thin, irritable
Forbidden fruit - this is normally where our dog sits and monitors the neighborhood. She was bent and Francis is unconcerned. He's the Dean Mrrtin of kitty cats, very cool and laid back


As Above So Below
I took Kobi to the local park this morning, virtually no one was there, we had the park to ourselves and hiked the trails for over 2 hours...



On Wednesday morning I decided to take my dog, Stella, to walk along the river. The parking lot for that area was packed. I supposed everyone took the week off. We went to walk around the fields that have been bought by the city as open space. I have had to struggle to get this dog in the car but after the walk she was happy to get in the car, though she still does not enjoy the car ride. I guess we will start driving somewhere for a walk more often. I never had a dog that was so afraid of riding in the car.