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    Had this one on when I was mowing the lawn yesterday. Damned interesting story and worth listening on it's own.

    But I couldn't help think of Lue Elizondo as I heard her describe her entry into Army Counterintelligence. Motivated people with degrees and skills are sought after for this work and it's no stretch to see that he may have been an excellent operative. She was in combat but had special forces with her, she wasn't a trigger puller.

    I don't suppose they let just any idiot into the presence of the detainees in Guantanamo (or wherever else). I heard or read that Elizondo's role was with an interpreter for KSM, so he was probably not the man working him with vacuum cleaner plans. Or waterboarding anybody. So he's probably 'been there and done that' in many places I would not want my pink backside to be but it doesn't make him into something he's not. His descriptions of his work are vague and heavy with implication. She just lays it all out and as I listened I couldn't help but wonder if he was just another version of her. Age, timing etc suggests so.

    He had exposure to protecting 'aviation assets' and I could see someone with that background being tapped post-retirement for AAWSAP. I just can't help but suspect he's playing up his background to make him a more popular talking head. Like Nick Pope minus the bad perm.


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    There is one thing that grinds on me in the UFO field. There are the talking heads who put themselves out there but when a hard question comes their way they clam up. “I am not at liberty to discuss that topic.”

    Why bother going on these podcasts if you can’t talk due to non-disclosure papers you signed? You and I can speculate just as well as these people.
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