Pets of the expanse!


As Above So Below
Kobi laying down in the back room after being outside with me in the garden this evening...He doesn't like his picture taken, a moment after snapping the picture he jumped up and went off into the bedroom lol...



Singapore have a lot of birds and cockroaches unfortunately.. i think that will do, can just feed the birds anytime, they are quite friendly also in here..

Rick Hunter

Well this boy is probably going to be living with us. Lab type mutt named Bo about 1.5 years old. Hopefully he will encourage our older dog to be more active.


Rick Hunter

Hey folks, could everyone please pray for my little cat Rob? He has a pretty bad urinary tract blockage which has affected his kidneys and heart. Vet says the next few days will be crucial. Thanks!


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Rick Hunter

Thanks so much friends. The vet called and said he seems to be very slowly improving but still very much in critical condition. Keep the love and prayers coming!

Rick Hunter

Update on Rob. He pulled his urinary catheter out at night and his renal values got worse. The vet put it back in and they got better. She is going to leave it in for 48 hours and see how it does. So please keep the prayers coming folks!


I miss having a dog. I've had them all my life . It's just to much heartache when they pass. Most all of my dogs seem to be 15years d when they pass. I need to setup my fishtanks now most my house has been insulated and drywalled.


tall, thin, irritable
If they lived as long as we do we wouldn't appreciate them the way we do.

There are various birds that live 40-60 years. Don't think I could handle that. Polly might suffer an unfortunate accident after a decade or two of squawking at me.