What did you eat or drink?


Love the statuette, I never had hibiscus anything but looks delicious...


Yeah tastes nice and you can have 4 cups a day if you want. I don't put sugar or milk in it. The milk curdles if you do. Have it hot or ice cold . The statuette I got from the States a couple of months back. :)


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Meatball & onion pizza. Peanut butter cup & chocolate frozen yogurt.

Hey - about pizza. It's round and supposed to be cut up in triangular slices. But there are heathens, Godless Commies no doubt, that insist upon cutting it up in little credit card sized squares. This is wrong, very wrong and the mark of a primitive and backward culture. Such as the one my relatives reside in - America's cheese-making state. You gonna brag abut something and it's dairy products? Really ? Put it on your license plates even. Ugh :)

We're New York, the Empire State. We know how to do pizza correctly and if we need something we just take it. Hail the Empire. Connecticut is a small and annoying little rectangular state, if we needed overflow parking we could just take it and pave the whole thing. But even they know better - pizza is round as is cut up in triangular slices. Jeez, should've have to explain these things .....

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A well earned and deserved us night for Rikki and I (after a chaotic week the twins "volunteered " to baby sit.)
Tonight's dinner consisted of the lamb with mint sauce, creamed carrots, chocolate eclairs & Munich style lager! It was TITANIC night and we went with the 1st class dinner menu!
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The shadow knows!
6c4e6f64-5f5d-4925-b866-2221199a96fb.pngI treat Rikki to a mothers day dinner as the twins "volunteered" to baby sit..
Let hope the house is not trashed this time..