Old Encounters

Todd Feinman

UFO lore has it that someone relayed a message from Einstein to a US President not to attack UFOs. Not sure if it was ever confirmed.
That's right! It could have been Einstein, but as you say, I don't think it was ever confirmed..

Todd Feinman

Nevertheless, as can be seen in the old articles, people have been shooting at them forever. Of course :confused:

Todd Feinman

One of the most convincing UFO photos, ever taken, IMHO. Taken by Mantua Police Chief Gerald Buchert in 1966 (lightened). You can see a police car in the foreground. The Ohio Police Chase is what the police chase in the beginning of Close Encounters was based on...




It made me giggle when he said, "I believe this to be a global phenomenon." and then again when he says he thinks it should be considered our number one concern. Because here it is over 50 years later and we are still tripping on the words UFO and extra terrestrial being. We all know we are not the only ones in the universe and yet we are afraid to say it because it means we are not in full control of our surroundings.

Most of these brave souls who came forward and spoke up against all odds are gone now.

Dejan Corovic

As above, so bellow
I've read and watched tons of UFO stories. Lets say in that sample in not less then 50% of stories, same as in the one above, "space people" ;-) would be caught collecting samples of soil and/or plants. And, just on databases in US and France, there are 200,000 UFO stories over the last 70 years, which is roughly 2,800 reported visits per year. Obviously, reported cases are just tip of the iceberg. So, just for argument sake, lets expand my sample into these 200,000 that would mean very roughly 100,000 cases of "space people" coming to Earth to collect soil & plant samples.

That's one thing I can't figure out.

These aliens risk arm and a limb traveling across the voids of universe, where they face incredible radiation, collisions with micrometeorites, their technology breakdowns etc. just to collect few bacteria from soil? And that's really their dominant activity as observed by UFO witnesses. I completely can't figure it out. If they were plundering, burning and killing everybody, that would be more normal. For example, in the above case, they landed in a park in an urban area, they were out of a ship in a hurry, they wore protective suits and they were finished with their extra vehicular activity in less then one minute.

Obviously, they were apprehensive about any humans approaching them and they were showing all signs that they consider their own activity risky and they worked in a hurry. Why then they take all these risks just for sake of few bugs in the soil?

Anybody has any ideas? What can be so special about bugs in the soil?