Physical Fitness What exercise did you did today?

Discussion in 'Social Place' started by Kchoo, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Ron67

    Ron67 Ignorance isn’t bliss!

    Keep going,being fit is beneficial mentally as well as physically.I used to be super fit but several rugby injuries impacted badly on me.I've recently got back into exercise and already I can feel an all round improvement.
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  2. pigfarmer

    pigfarmer tall, thin, irritable

    Huh. Didn't expect a thread like this here but why not?
    We walk our dog 4-6 miles a day weather permitting. Like to track the distance with a pedometer app.
    Gym four times a week, generally weight training. Very physically active. Have to be to stay ahead of the growing list of s*** that's wearing out.

    I now understand some of the noises my grandfather made in a way I never did before .....

    Used to be a distance cyclist but gave it up after 25 years or so because of one too many close calls - keep your nose out of the #@!!%$ phone when driving!
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  3. Kchoo

    Kchoo Celestial

    Yesterday’s Plan achieved:
    1 x 1
    1 x 2
    6 X 5 sets of burpees.
    2.02 miles in 24 minutes
    .58 mile cool down.

    Tonight’s plan is:
    2 X 5 pull-ups
    2 X 5 Dips
    50 Woodchoppers
    50 Russian Twists
    30 Side plank hips
    40 bicycle crunches
    2 miles at whatever pace suits me.
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  4. pigfarmer

    pigfarmer tall, thin, irritable

    Curious what a Russian Twist is.
    Ran about a mile last night with the dog just to tire her out (nearly impossible) and my reward was having to jump out of bed howling leg cramps. As I remember from cycling water and a boatload of bananas helps with that
  5. Kchoo

    Kchoo Celestial

    Russian twist. (not good for you back if done improperly, or if you have an existing back condition)
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  6. Kchoo

    Kchoo Celestial

    Saturday 9/8/2018
    1.1 mile in 12 min
    .4 mile walk
    1 circuit a 120 lbs on
    30 inclined situps

    .8 mile jog warmup
    2 x 5 pullups
    2 x 7 dips +1 pullup between sets
    2 x 7 pushups +1 pullup between sets
    2 x 8 air squats
    2 x 5 12.5 lb manmakers
    .5 miles eliptical machine

    65 burpees
    1.25 miles jog

    .8 mile jog
    50 woodchoopers
    50 russian twists
    30 side planks
    2 x 50 bicycle crunches
    12 monkey bars
    .6 miles cooldown.
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  7. Kchoo

    Kchoo Celestial

    Today’s plan:
    .8 mile warmup
    2 x 6 pull-ups
    2 x 8 dips + 2 pull-ups between sets
    2 x 9 Pushups + 2 pull-ups between sets
    2 x 6 12.5 lb man makers
    .8 mile cooldown.
  8. cosmic joke

    cosmic joke remember to remember

    every second day. dear wife and i. 30 minute beginner light weight training. doctors orders. keeping the old joints limber and fluid.
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